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3 Things You Need To Know About Hemp For Dogs

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Wondering whether or not to add hemp for dogs to your pet’s diet? Before you pick up a supplement, tincture or hemp-filled treat, read this post to help you learn a little more about the ingredient and what you should look for in a hemp product for your dog. 

1: ‘Hemp’ Means Something Different To Everyone

Hemp products can be a bit confusing because some pet product manufacturers use the terms ‘hemp’ ‘hemp oil’ and ‘CBD’ interchangeably--even though they are three distinct ingredients! It’s especially important to learn what terms to watch out for and what the differences are between these three ingredients because of how many pet products include these ingredients. THey're more popular than ever, but offer distinct health benefits and will affect your dog in different ways. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you distinguish between hemp vs hemp oil vs CBD for dogs. 

Hemp For Dogs

Hemp oil is made exclusively from the hemp plant and is manufactured using a process that expels oil from the entire hemp plant -- excluding hemp seeds. When you see the term ‘hemp’ or ‘hemp oil’ in an ingredient list, a manufacturer is most likely referring to hemp oil that is made in this way. There can be trace amounts of CBD in hemp oil, if it’s been filtered, or it can be formulated to include CBD in the blend, as well. 

Hemp Seed For Dogs

Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from hemp seeds and only hemp seeds. It doesn’t contain any compounds from the rest of the hemp plant and therefore is free from CBD, THC or other active cannabinoids. Hemp seeds offer their own impressive health benefits, because they are packed with Omega Fatty Acids and other supportive nutrients. 

CBD For Dogs

CBD oil is also extracted from the hemp plant and is typically less processed than hemp oil. It contains plant compounds from the hemp plant, as well as CBD and other cannabinoids. It can also contain trace amounts of THC, but should always be tested for potency and is safe for pets to consume. 

Take a closer look at the product you’re considering for your dog to determine what’s really included in the ingredient list. And if you’re still unsure whether it contains hemp seed, hemp or CBD, check with the manufacturer for clarity!

2: Hemp Can Help With A Host Of Health Issues

Hemp is no doubt a popular ingredient at the moment, and for good reason! Adding it to your dogs diet can benefit your pup in a number of ways .Here are just some of the health issues hemp can help with when you feed it to your dog:

Hemp Helps Support A Healthy Skin & Coat

If your dog is prone to itching, has allergies or another skin issue, try adding hemp to his diet. Hemp seed oil, in particular, is an excellent addition to any dog's diet because it is rich in Omega Fatty Acids that support skin health. Hemp helps nourish and moisturize your dog’s skin from within, to help keep it healthy and strong. 

Hemp Is A Natural Mood Booster For Your Dog 

If your pet is a little on the anxious side or is stressed more often than not, adding hemp to his diet can help. It’s been shown to not only help improve your dog’s mood, but can also help calm occasionally anxious dogs, as well. Try feeding hemp treats to your dog shortly before you head to the Vet if it’s usually stressful to visit or try adding some to your pet’s dog bowl in the morning before you head to work if your dog experiences separation anxiety. Hemp can help your pet feel his best and stress a little less. 

Hemp Provides Immune System Support

Whether your dog is the picture of health or has some health issues you want to help him fight, hemp can help. It supports your dog’s immune system by fighting free radicals and helping to prevent oxidative stress. Hemp can be extra helpful when it’s allergy season and your dog’s immune system is working overtime or when Fido is not feeling well. Or, make hemp a staple in your dog’s diet to provide immune system support, all the time. 

Hemp Helps Your Dog Have A Healthy Inflammatory Response

If your dog’s joints cause him to be uncomfortable or other inflammation in his body has led to health issues, hemp may help. It’s been shown to help dogs have a healthy inflammatory response and to benefit dogs who experience discomfort in their joints or other areas of their bodies. For this reason, it’s especially helpful for senior dogs whose bodies aren’t quite as nimble as they once were and who experience occasional joint discomfort or who have mobility issues. 

3: Hemp For Dogs Is Still Being Studied

If you’re reluctant to try hemp for dogs because you’re worried that there’s not enough research out there, keep in mind that it’s still being studied! It’s completely understandable to worry about giving your pet CBD or another substance that hasn’t officially been ‘ok’d’ in specific doses for dogs. That said, there is a ton of research out there and more being conducted everyday. All forms of hemp--hemp seed, hemp, and CBD have all been found safe for pets thanks to scientific research. But, if you want to discuss findings further, bring up the ingredient with our Vet! He or she will be able to tell you whether or not hemp is an ingredient you should consider for your individual dog and his health needs. 

Pet Honesty Products That Contain Hemp For Dogs

If you’re ready to add hemp to your dog’s diet, try Hemp Allergy SkinHealth Chews. They’re formulated with hemp seed oil and a blend of other skin-soothing ingredients like biotin, collagen and more. It’s a formula designed to help your itchy pet find skin relief and to help support his digestive system, immune system and overall wellness.