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4 Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

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Whether you have seen it advertised as an additive in a dietary supplement or sold by itself as a cure-all elixir, hemp oil seems to be everywhere. And for good reason! Hemp oil is an all-natural oil derived from the hemp plant that is non-psychoactive and offers incredible health benefits. Today, even our pets can reap the many benefits of hemp dog treats. What kind of health benefits does hemp oil offer both humans and dogs? We're so glad you asked! Here are the top 4 benefits of hemp oil for dogs!

Dietary Benefits 

Arguably the most important internal system for your dog's day to day health is his digestive tract. More than any other system in your dog's body, the digestive tract is susceptible to all sorts of issues. Hemp oil acts as a catalyst within the digestive system to improve functionality and help prevent sickness in a wide variety of forms.

The general gastrointestinal benefits of hemp oil largely involve hemp oil's anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. As we know, hemp oil, due to its special relationship with water, is a great resource for staying hydrated. However, the way that hemp oil interacts with water doesn't just make it a good source of hydration; it also makes the gut and digestive system less acidic. 

Hemp oil is a basic compound which means that it is less acidic than water. Because the body absorbs hydration better in a basic environment, the addition of hemp oil to your dog's diet means he is absorbing more of the water he drinks, and as a result, is better hydrated. You may have heard the term "alkaline" in regards to water; well hemp oil effectively alkalizes your dog's entire gut so that water can be absorbed. If you recall from the previous section, hemp oil is linked to fighting cancerous cells; which is partly due to the alkaline properties of this wonderful oil. 

As your dog becomes more hydrated, the food he ingests will begin to digest more rapidly and with better efficiency. This is just a fancy way of saying that hemp oil, due to its hydrating properties, helps your dog digest his food. According to SitStay, one important byproduct of better digestion is a stronger appetite. So long as your dog is active, a healthy and vigorous appetite is a good thing. 

The more food your dog eats, the more nutrients he ingests, and the better his digestive system functions on a regular basis. When administering hemp oil, it is important to keep your dog active to avoid any preliminary weight gain, but this is typically a non-issue for most dogs.

Finally, hemp is a good addition for the microbiomes in your dog's digestive tract as it is an all-natural source of nutrient-rich probiotic elements. Probiotics are healthy microorganisms that help regulate immune function and digestive health, and hemp oil helps these little organisms! Hemp oil is nutrient-rich in things like fatty acids which microorganisms in your dog's digestive tract use to stabilize and clean the gut as a whole.

Physical Benefits

It's not just your dog's internal systems that get a benefit from hemp oil; he will look visibly healthier too! Specifically, you will notice your dog's skin, coat, and nails all get healthier after consuming hemp extract. As mentioned previously, hemp oil is rich in fatty acids, specifically Omega-3 and Omega-6. According to Dogs Naturally, these two fatty acids work to promote and sustain the generation of biotin and collagen, which are vital to hair and nail growth.

A shiny coat and stronger nails look great, but they are an indicator of a deeper level of well-being. A healthy coat and strong, rapidly growing nails, indicate that your dog's liver is actively producing the necessary compounds for sustained health. Your dog's liver is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to long-term health, so the more your dog sheds and needs his nails trimmed, the better you should feel about his longevity.

One of the side effects you may notice after administering hemp to your dog is an increase in energy levels. Largely due to everything we have discussed thus far, hemp oil gives your dog more energy because hemp oil makes your dog feel better. When his internal systems are functioning at optimal performance, your dog will feel his best. As a direct corollary, this will more than likely manifest itself in increased levels of energy and a strong desire for additional activity!

With all the extra activity, thanks to his newfound surplus of energy, you will want to keep his bones healthy. Luckily for your dog, hemp oil is an excellent source of calcium and great for keeping bones strong! 

Mental Benefits

Hemp oil is a wonderful source of nutrients that help your dog's internal and external health. However, the real magic of hemp oil comes from its cognitive effects. Your dog's mental health is just as important as his physical well-being.

Hemp oil is directly linked to providing relief from a whole host of mental issues. Most commonly, hemp oil for dog anxiety is often used as a natural alternative to prescription medication. Hemp oil fills these receptors and blocks the sensation of pain from reaching your dog's brain.

When it comes to your dog's understanding and perception of pain, there is no distinction between mental, physical, and emotional pain. Whatever the trigger, pain is anything your dog registers as discomfort. According to Veterinary Practice News, hemp oil helps to block the pain receptors in the body, thereby reducing the feeling of pain. Even though the pain might still be there, the sensation itself is dulled as a result of the receptors receiving the extra chemical that hemp oil provides. 

In addition to relieving stress and anxiety, hemp oil has also been shown to improve cognitive function in dogs. This does not mean that your dog will necessarily be smarter, but he will be more alert, and he may seem a little bit sharper than his normal self. Don't think you'll be able to get away with that trick all pet parents do where they "pretend" to throw the ball. Your pup won’t be falling for those silly games after you add hemp oil in his daily diet. 

One of the biggest discoveries regarding the healing properties of hemp oil is in relation to neurological disorders like epilepsy and dementia. Hemp oil is believed by many to stave off the effects of dementia as well as prevent seizures. The natural chemicals in hemp oil, rich in fatty acids, supply the brain with a surplus of vitamins and minerals that are excellent for restoring and maintaining a high level of cognition for prolonged periods. Certain studies have even pointed to hemp oil as a direct preventative for epileptic fits. While the exact effects on hemp oil's relationship with cognition are still being studied, all signs point to hemp oil as having a decisive impact on seizures, dementia, and general neurological health. 

Emotional Benefits

Overall, a healthier, more physically capable, less anxious dog, means a happier dog. As wonderful as the incredible physical and mental benefits of hemp oil are, the biggest benefit is an increase in general happiness. When your dog is healthy, active, and mentally sharp, he is at his best. Your dog may not understand the complexities of life, but he does understand when he feels good, and that is worth a lot.

A happier dog ensures a higher quality of life for your four-legged friend, and isn't that what we want for our dogs? We want our dog to be as happy as he can be, and sometimes we lose sight of the fact that happiness starts with health. Hemp oil restores happiness from the inside out by providing your dog with the physical and mental base of feeling good. 

In Conclusion

Hemp oil doesn't just offer emotional benefits for your dog; it offers you peace of mind as well. The satisfaction and serenity you will feel knowing that you are taking a proactive step to protect your dog's health is priceless. Though it may be tempting to start your dog on hemp oil immediately after reading this article, it is always a good idea to consult your veterinarian. Your vet's in-depth knowledge of your dog's personal medical history is a great asset that you should rely on before taking the plunge with a new supplement. 

Just think, there's a reason why so many pet owners are giving their four-legged companions hemp products. Whether your pup suffers from digestive issues, inflammation, joint pain, nausea, or any other ailment, our natural products for dogs can help.The effects of hemp oil are extremely positive, and we are certain that your dog would benefit greatly from hemp oil in all its forms!