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7 Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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You know exactly how your dog likes to take his meals, where he prefers to do his business, and his favorite roads to cover on your daily walks. But, there’s probably still a lot you don’t know about your dog...or dogs in general. And that’s exactly why we’ve compiled this list of dog facts you probably didn’t know! 

Dog Fact #1: Your Dog’s Sense of Smell Is Amazing

While you no doubt know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell, do you know exactly how impressive their sniffers really are? Dogs have a sense of smell that is approximately 100,000 times stronger than yours. And it’s not just the obvious they can sniff out, either.

Dogs are able to smell things like our emotions, perspiration and other subtle scents us humans give off. This is part of the reason pets make such helpful trained support animals--they can use their incredible sense of smell to warn their handlers of a potential health issue before it happens. 

Part of the reason your pet’s sense of smell is so impressive is that it is wet. Your dog’s nose? It’s moist so that he can use it to absorb scent chemicals which cue him into whatever he’s smelling! 

Dog Fact #2: All Dogs Dream

Whether you have a teeny tiny pup at home or a big senior sweetie, they both dream when they’re dozing off. In fact, puppies and senior dogs have been shown to dream more than adult dogs. You may not know exactly what your pup’s dreaming of, but the next time you see your four-legged friend rustling, barking, or seemingly running in his sleep, it’s because he’s dreaming!

Dog Fact #3: Many Dogs Are Incredible Swimmers

While not all dogs like water or are very talented when it comes to doggy paddling, many dogs are quite adept at swimming. In fact, there are several dog breeds that are used as water rescue dogs and are trained to jump into the water and help rescue people safely. 

Of course, if your pup is not a dog that’s practiced his swimming skills, make sure you introduce him to the water safely! Take time to get in the water with your dog and let him know that he is safe and you’re there to help if needed. Do not keep your dog’s leash on when swimming and consider having your dog don a life jacket if he’s not comfortable swimming just yet.

Dog Fact #4: Your Dog Doesn’t Sweat

On a hot summer day, you’re dripping, right? Your pet? Not so much. And that’s because dogs do not sweat.  Instead, they regulate their body temperatures by panting. When your pup is hot and exhausted, you’ll find him with his mouth wide open, tongue out, and panting like crazy.

It’s important to keep your dog cool in the summer because he isn’t able to regulate his own body temperature quite as well as us humans can. Make sure your pup has plenty of shade when it’s a hot day, always has access to cool drinking water, and isn’t forced to walk on any surfaces that are too hot for his sensitive paws. 

Dog Fact #5: Your Dog Is As Smart As A 2-Year-Old

Dogs can learn and recall up to 250 that’s impressive. That’s on par with what the average toddler is able to learn. However, dogs tend to be much easier to train than little kiddos!

They’re typically reward-motivated and happy to learn new commands, tricks, and even tasks. This is part of the reason why dogs make such incredible working animals and can hold a host of positions. From guide dogs to service dogs, rescue dogs to police dogs, and many occupations in between, there’s no denying that your dog….he;s intelligent! 

Dog Fact #6: Dogs Have Impressive Ears

Sure, you know that your dog has better hearing than you, right? But did you know that his ears contain about 18 different muscles? He can wiggles, lift, sway, and swat all with his ears thanks to the incredible amount of muscles surrounding his ears 

But, why does your dog need so many muscles supporting his ears? Because they help him hear better! Your dog twitches, moves, and otherwise lifts his ears depending on the direction in which he heard a noise, and it helps him hear it better.

Your dog’s hearing is one of his most important senses and to promote healthy ears, it’s key to keep his ears clean. Good grooming, frequent trims, and ear cleaning should be routine for you and your pet to help prevent any potential ear issues from developing.

Dog Fact #7: Your Dog’s Dental Health Can Affect Overall Wellness

Helping your dog maintain clean, healthy teeth is so important! Not only will it help prevent future dental issues from developing, but it will support your dog’s overall wellness. If your dog experiences dental issues or develops an oral health problem, the issues can spread to other areas of his body and start affecting the rest of his health.

To help make sure your dog’s mouth stays healthy, consider adding a dental rinse to his diet. It’s a great way to support oral health in between Vet visits or teeth cleanings. Also, make sure you incorporate plenty of ‘chew’ time into your dog’s day. Your pet cares for his own teeth by chewing and chomping on bones, so it’s important he has access to chews which will allow him to do just that. You can also consider giving your dog dental chews, which are typically made with oral-supportive ingredients and are formulated into shapes that are optimal for keeping teeth clean. 

Pet Honesty Products To Support Your Dog

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