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7 Things No One Told You About Owning A Dog

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Dogs can be funny. Dogs can be puzzling. Dogs can be downright odd...If you’re a first-time dog owner, you probably aren’t familiar with all the quirks that go along with having a pet! There can be a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to dogs and there is so much you learn along the way! In this post, we’re giving new pet-parents a preview of what’s to come and discussing ten things no one tells you about owning a dog.

1: Dogs Are Beneficial For Your Health

You read that right, your dog is good for your health! It’s been widely studied and the results are unanimous across the board...dogs help people live healthier, happier lives. And in more ways than one! Your dog helps you stay active because they require frequent exercise. On average, pet parents get more activity than non-pet parents and that’s because you need to get outside in order to have a pet! 

But, that’s not the only way your dog benefits your health. They also provide incredible emotional support that is seriously helpful when it comes to your mood and mental health. Dogs provide unconditional love and support, something that not only makes pet parents feel happier and better day-to-day but has also been shown to help them live longer lives, as well. 

2: Every Dog Has His Own Unique Personality

First-time pet parents, you’ll learn this one quickly, but all dogs really do have their own personalities! Some pets are stubborn, others are incredibly cuddly and others still are excited and full of energy. Every pet is unique and will enrich your life in his own individual way. All dogs have their own quirks, favorites, dislikes, and personality traits that make them so incredibly special. 



It’s helpful as a dog owner to try to get to know your pet’s personality so you can best support your pet. Pay close attention to the things that she loves or the things your dog often avoids. This will help you both live your happiest lives! 

3: There Is A Lot To Clean Up

Dogs. Are. Messy. Period! If you are new to the world of pet ownership, this is important to know! Your dog will have accidents, make messes and generally get things dirty. The sooner you come to peace with this, the better! It’s best not to leave your dog unattended with anything you consider precious, since there’s no telling what your dog will do with it. 

And have dog-safe cleaning supplies on-hand at all times. You want to make sure that you have products in your home that are chemical-free and safe to use around pets because you will be cleaning up messes...and frequently! Dogs vomit. Dog’s accidentally pee indoors. Dogs shred things. They sniff, explore and try their best to find anything that is smelly! It’s just another thing to love about your new pet.

4: Your Lifestyle Will Change

Many new pet parents don’t realize just how drastically their lifestyle is about to change when they adopt a dog or bring home a puppy for the first time! Gone are your days of working late, being out of the house for hours on end, and having lazy Sunday mornings in bed. Instead, you need to be spending plenty of quality time at home with your pet, getting home at a reasonable hour to relieve your doggie, and getting up early on the weekends for a dog walk or trip to the dog park. 

But, those aren’t the only ways your lifestyle will likely change! When you become a pet parent, you’ll inevitably want to spend more time with your dog. You’ll probably forgo plans with friends to stay home and cuddle your pup. You’ll probably want to take your dog along on errands. And you’ll probably want to scope out all the pet-friendly patios, bars, and restaurants you can find nearby. When you become a pet parent, you are so overwhelmed by how incredible it is to have a sweet, loyal, four-legged friend at home by your side, you will want to spend as much time with your pup as possible! 

5: Your Dog Has His Own Language

Dogs communicate with you in their own way and it can take some time for new pet parents to get a read on their dog and his unique language. Your pup might paw, nudge or bump you when he wants attention. Your pup might whine, purr, and make other silly noises when he wants his way. Your dog might have a different bark for different scenarios and you’ll eventually learn how to understand them all! Dogs use body language, visual cues, and language to communicate with us humans. It’s our job to figure out what they are trying to tell us!

6: Dogs Can Be Pretty Gross!

Not all parts of being a pet parent are glamorous! Dogs do some seriously odd and downright gross things. Did you know they love to roll around in anything smelly? It’s a natural instinct for many of our pets to literally throw their bodies on the ground if there is something dead or smelly they can roll around in. 

Dogs lick themselves to keep clean. And this can be a bit alarming for first-time dog owners! If you haven’t spent much time around dogs before, then you don’t know they are likely to stop and clean their bum at any given moment and thennnn wander over to try to give you kisses! 

Pets will also sniff everything...and we mean everything! It’s one of their most effective ways to check things out, but this can often mean they’re being a little bit invasive with you or your guests. There are so many things about being a pet parent you simply can’t prepare for, and the sheer quantity of gross things that dogs do is definitely one of them! But, it’s all in good fun. Us humans can be pretty gross, too! 

7: You’ll Find Dog Hair Everywhere

This is especially true if you have a dog who sheds, but when you are a pet parent, expect to find fur everywhere. It’s completely unavoidable and you can kiss your chic, all-black outfits goodbye. That is unless you don’t mind accessorizing with a little bit of dog hair! Dog hair seems to stick to anything and everything. Linens, rugs, carpet, furniture, clothing, and more are all places you can expect to find dog hair when you are a pet parent! 

No matter how much you try to prepare for your first pet, you’ll never be able to plan for everything. Accidents happen and your pet will constantly surprise you, but that’s also one of the best parts about being a dog mom or dad!