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Fall Foods That Are Safe To Share With Your Dog!

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At the first sign of fall, it seems everything switches over to fall flavors which is part of what makes this time of year so special! From pumpkin pice lattes to gingerbread-flavored bread and everything in between, there are some distinct flavors associated with the fall season and all the Holidays. If you’re worried about your dog feeling left out while you’re enjoying some of your festive favorites, we’ve put together a list of ideas to keep in mind. These are some pet-friendly foods you can feed your dog this fall! 

Cranberries For Dogs

Cranberries are a staple for many during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. Cranberries are the perfect combination of tart to sweet and make for a tasty and nutritious addition to any table. But, are cranberries safe for dogs to eat, too?


The good news for your pet is that cranberries are indeed safe for dogs. Not only that but they’re actually packed with superfood power that is seriously healthy for your pet. Cranberries are brimming in antioxidant properties that help support Fido’s immune system and fight free radicals, which can lead to oxidative stress and age-related health issues as your dog gets older.

Plus, cranberries taste amazing! They’re the perfect treat to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth without adding too much sugar to his diet. If you’re going to include your dog in this holiday tradition and feed him cranberries, make sure they don’t contain any additives. It’s best to skip the super sugary canned sauce and instead give your pet fresh or dried cranberries that don’t have anything added.

Spicy Cinnamon Flavor For Your Pet

Nothing says fall quite like aromatic spices and that delicious cinnamon flavor that’s added to everything. But cinnamon isn’t just good for adding flavor to your favorite fall beverages or baked goods. Cinnamon is absolutely full of antioxidants and is celebrated as one of the spices that are best for your health. When compared to other antioxidant-rich foods like garlic or oregano, Cinnamon still comes out on top. This means it is the perfect spice to add to your pup’s life to help boost his immune system function. Bake cinnamon into some homemade dog treats for Fido or sprinkle some on top of his dinner for a delightful taste and a nutritional boost! 

Apple Pie, But Dog-Friendly

Fall is prime apple season and the perfect time to pick apples! If your family has a tradition that includes an annual apple pie, you’re not alone—it’s a staple in many homes at this time of year. And while you should not feed your dog a bit of your pie (that’s WAY too much sugar for your four-legged friend), you can include him in your traditions by making a dog-friendly apple pie your pup can enjoy. 

Apples are full of fiber which supports your dog’s digestive system and they contain antioxidants, too. You can feed them to your dog cooked or raw and spiced or plain! Just make sure you don’t give your pet apples that are smothered in sugar or whipped cream. Instead, make him a dish that contains cubed apples sprinkled with cinnamon. He’ll love the sweet and spicy taste and you can enjoy your apple pie knowing your dog gets to join in on the tradition in a pet-friendly way! 

Turkey & Other Holiday Staples For Your Pet

Of course, dogs love meat and turkey is no exception. But take caution before you toss your dog a bite from the table or a scrap leftover after your Thanksgiving meal. Cooked bones can be dangerous for your pet since they easily splinter. And, mind your toppings, too! So many of the spices and ingredients in turkey rubs aren’t safe for your dog. 

Instead, set aside some turkey for Fido before you cook your bird. You can throw it in the oven alongside your meal or even feed it to your dog raw. It’s completely safe ad tasty for your pet because it doesn’t contain added ingredients that are not suitable for dogs or parts of the turkey that could cause harm.

Are Mashed Potatoes OK For Fido?

If you absolutely love mashed potatoes and wish you could share some of your favorite food with your pet, there’s good news for you! Potatoes are totally safe for dogs to eat. That said, you probably don’t want to give your pet a dollop of the creamy, dreamy dish straight from your plate. The thing that makes mashed potatoes so tasty is the added dairy—whether that’s cream, butter, or a combination of both.

Your dog? He should not be eating that much dairy since it can cause him to have an upset stomach. So, before you add in the butter, the cream, and the seasoning, fill up a doggie bowl with plain mashed potatoes to share with your pet! It’s the perfect way to make your dog feel included in your holiday meal!

Sweet Potatoes For Your Pet

Sweet potatoes are another food you probably prepare during the holidays and they are also healthy for your dog! Skip the toppings, marshmallows, and added ingredients. Otherwise, sweet potatoes help with healthy digestion and can even help if your dog is experiencing digestive discomfort. They are also full of antioxidants and they promote a healthy inflammatory response—something that is key to your dog’s overall health. Yam, sweet potatoes, and everything in between, this is one fall holiday food safe to share with your dog. 

Green Bean Casserole That Your Dog Can Enjoy

Did you know that dogs can eat green beans and almonds? Both are perfectly safe for your pup and plenty healthy to boot. Before you smother your casserole in buttery goodness and pop it into the oven, feed your dog a few raw green beans or let him snack on a handful of almonds. That’s one way to let him enjoy the green bean casserole flavors in a way that’s safe and easy for him to stomach. 

Pumpkin For Dogs

Whether you enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bars, or some other treat that features this fall staple, know that your dog can enjoy pumpkin, too! If you want to share some with Fido, choose fresh chunks or canned pumpkin that does not contain any added ingredients. Pumpkin for dogs is delicious but it also helps with a host of health issues and has been shown to support your dog’s skin and coat, digestion, immune system, and more. It’s one food that you should consider feeding your pet year-round and not just when you’re trying o include him in your fall favorite eats! 

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