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Dog Anxiety: How Valerian Root Can Help

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Herbal supplements have been used by people for centuries, and in more recent years, they’ve become popular for pets as well. One herb, Valerian Root, is a botanical we love! We celebrate it for its healthful properties and dog-friendly benefits. Valerian Root has been used to help treat anxiety, including dog anxiety. Here’s a closer look at this herb and why we think you should add it to your dog’s diet. 

What Is Valerian Root?

Valerian root is an herb that’s natural to areas in Asia and Europe. In more recent years, it’s been grown in a variety of countries across the globe because it’s in high demand! Valerian Root is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, and it even dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times, too. 

Just why has Valerian Root been celebrated by so many? Because it contains a substance called valerenic acid. And while it might not sound impressive, it certainly is! Valerenic acid affects the GABA receptors in the brain, which are in charge of managing reactions to fear and anxiety. 

Is Valerian Root Safe For Dogs? 

The good news for your dog is that Valerian Root is safe for your pet. Of course, it’s important to check with your Vet before introducing any new ingredient to your dog’s diet, it’s generally considered safe for most pets. A healthcare professional can also help you determine just how much Valerian Root is suitable for your individual dog. 

Why Add Valerian Root To Your Dog’s Diet?

Now that you know Valerian Root is safe for dogs, why consider adding it to Fido’s diet? Because it’s seriously soothing and is an absolute game-changer for anxious dogs. If your pet has separation anxiety, is fearful around strangers, or is generally stressed, Valerian Root can help, and here are just some of the ways it’s good for your dog: 

  • It Helps Sooth Your Stressed Pet: Valerian Root has been used to help with dog anxiety for years, and for good reason! It’s an herb that helps your pet stress less and improves his mood balance for a healthier, and happier, doggo. 

  • It’s Beneficial For Healthy Sleep: It’s no secret that dogs need a lot of sleep. They’re constantly enjoying sleepy time curled up in the sun. But, not all dogs have an easy time getting the restful sleep they need. Adding Valerian Root to your dog’s diet can help him get better rest if he’s having trouble with Zzz’s. 

  • It May Improve Your Pooch’s Mood: If your dog seems a little down in the dumps, consider Valerian Root. It’s been shown to have a positive effect on mood balance for both people and pets and may help improve his mood! 

  • It Can Make Other Compounds Even More Effective: Valerian Root acts a bit like a turbocharger in your dog’s body. It can make certain nutrients and compounds more effective so they’re better able to support your dog and his body functions. 

When To Add Valerian Root To Your Dog’s Diet

While it’s perfectly safe to feed your dog a Velraian supplement every day, there are certain times when a little extra help from Valerian Root can be especially beneficial. Here are some scenarios in which we’d recommend you reach for Valerian Root: 

  • Before A Trip To The Vet: Do any dogs love going to the Vet? Probably not. But, for many pets, it’s seriously stressful! Help your dog calm down before you hop into the car by adding  Valerian Root to his diet. 

  • When He’s Going To The Groomer: Does your dog enjoy a day at the spa? If he’s like many pups, he might dread heading to the groomer! If that’s the case, help Fido out with Valerian Root. Before you get to the groomer, give him a supplement chew that contains the herbal support to help him keep his cool while he’s getting nipped, tucked, trimmed, and clean. 

  • If There’s A Thunderstorm: Pow, bang, boom, are all sounds that can send a scaredy pup skittering. If you know there’s bad weather in the forecast,  give your dog some Valerian root before bed. Or, if a thunderstorm strikes unexpectedly, help your pet weather the storm with help from calming valerian root.

  • When You Have Guests: Not all dogs love meeting new people and your pet might get stressed about having visitors…in HIS home. Support your dog with the help of Valerian Root It can help soothe your stressed pet when you’ve got visitors. 

  • When You’re Headed Into The Office: Help your stressed pet deal with his separation anxiety by dosing him some Valerian Root before you head into the office for work. Adding a little bit to his morning breakfast, or feeding it in a treat while you’re getting ready is a great way to help your dog have a more enjoyable day at home. 

Pethonesty Products That Contain Valerian Root

Ready to add a soothing supplement to your dog’s diet? Then reach for Pethonesty Premium Hemp Calming Chews and add them to your dog’s bowl or feed them as a treat. They’re packed with calming ingredients including valerian Root, Hemp Seed, Melatonin, and more. They’re the perfect supplement to help your pet calm down and chill out when he needs to stress less and enjoy his doggy day.