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Green-Lipped Mussels for Dogs

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You have likely seen the strange, shelled mollusk referred to as a mussel on the menu of your favorite seafood restaurant. Interestingly enough, these slippery sea creatures can provide more than a delicious meal. In fact, a mussel species native to the crisp waters of New Zealand is making waves in the world of joint health. In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about green-lipped mussels for dogs. 

    What are Green-Lipped Mussels?

    Green-lipped mussels (GLM) are a unique species of mussels that are found exclusively off the coast of New Zealand. Scientifically referred to as Perna Canaliculus, GLM's are easily recognizable by their signature green "lips" on the edges of their shells.

    When it comes to treating arthritis and joint pain, few remedies match the natural healing power of the green-lipped mussel. 


    Green-Lipped Mussel Benefits

    New Zealanders have been enjoying the homeopathic health benefits of green-lipped mussels for decades. Finally, western medicine is taking the GLM page out of New Zealand's holistic handbook.

    As previously mentioned, green-lipped mussels are known for supporting joint health. The unique combination of nutrients in GLM's have been found to:

    • Helps support normal inflammatory response
    • Supports bone strength
    • Promotes long-term joint health
    • Helps build and protect cartilage and joint fluid
    • Provides immune system support

      Clearly, green-lipped mussels are a joint health superhero. 

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      Nutritional Components of Green-Lipped Mussels

      Green-lipped mussels contain a blend of nutrients which help them support your dog’s joint health.



      Omega Fatty Acids

      When it comes to joint health, you have undoubtedly heard of fish oil. With this in mind, fish oil's claim to fame is boasting high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Interestingly enough, fish oil only has two types of fatty acids, EPA and DHA. On the other hand, green-lipped mussels contain a coveted third omega acid referred to as ETA.

      ETA is a rare and unique form of omega-3 fatty acid. Specifically, ETA helps reduce the cellular manufacturing of an inflammatory enzyme called cyclooxygenase. The unique omega-3 trifecta makes green-lipped mussels especially effective at promoting a normal inflammatory response and supporting   healthy mobility in your beloved dog.

      Glucosamine and Chondroitin

      In addition to the rare omega-3 trifecta, GLM's are chock-full of the joint healthy duo glucosamine and chondroitin. Also found in the shells of GLM's fellow shellfish, crabs and oysters, glucosamine helps protect and repair cartilage. Found between bones, cartilage acts as a pillow between the joints. When cartilage deteriorates, joint problems can  soon follow. Furthermore, chondroitin works in tandem with glucosamine to help retain essential moisture in cartilage. Chondroitin is usually found in the cartilage of sharks or cowsHowever, green-lipped oysters naturally produce both chondroitin and glucosamine.

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      Vitamins, Minerals, and More!

      Even more impressive, green-lipped mussels naturally contain a blend of joint healthy vitamins, minerals, and other healthy natural "ingredients" such as:

      • Copper
      • Zinc
      • Vitamin C
      • Manganese
      • Selenium
      • Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycans (builder of joint fluid and cartilage)
      • Iodine
      • Vitamin E
      • Antioxidants
      • Amino Acids


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      How to Feed Dogs Green-Lipped Mussels

      Rest assured, you are not going to have to special order rare shellfish from New Zealand for your dog. 

      You can opt for pure GLM powder for dogs that can easily be mixed right into your dog's regular food. You can also choose from a selection of joint healthy chews your dog will love. Notably, our Pet Honesty Pure Mobility Joint Support Chews combines the impressive power of green-lipped mussels with:

      • Turmeric - This rooted herb has long been used in holistic medicine to naturally promote a normal inflammatory response. Better yet, turmeric helps promote a healthy weight which reduces stress and pressure on the joints
      • Collagen - Over 70% of your dog's cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are naturally composed of collagen. Collagen supplements can help support joint health and elasticity 
      • Glucosamine - As previously stated in this article, glucosamine naturally supports joint health
      • PurforMSM - Sourced from sulfur

      The five active ingredients in Pure Mobility are an effective way to treat and prevent canine joint issues. Better yet, all of Pet Honesty's products are made with natural ingredients, soy-free, and non-GMO and safe for dogs of all breeds and ages.

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      Healthy Canine Joint Tips

      In order to truly maximize the positive effects of your dog's GLM supplements, a healthy lifestyle is key. In particular, your dog needs a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise.

      Healthy Diet

      Obesity is a very common cause of joint decay in dogs of all ages. Naturally, carrying excess weight is incredibly stressful on the body. Therefore, it is essential to keep your dogs weight at an optimal level. 

      Of course, diet is the first line of defense against weight gain. Did you know that dogs do not biologically need carbohydrates? Unlike humans, dogs get their energy from protein. Sadly, many generic dog foods are packed with starchy fillers that add no nutritional value to your dog's diet. As a result, your dog simply gains weight and craves more satisfying nutrients.

      Instead, opt for a natural, protein-rich diet for your dog. Your trusted veterinarian can recommend a food that would best suit the needs of your dog's unique physique.  

      Let's Play!

      As pet owner's we can all agree that there is a very special form of endorphins released when you run and play with your dog. Accordingly, the joy of playing with your dog does a lot more than put a smile on both of your faces. In fact, regular exercise helps stretch, lubricate, and protect the joints. Furthermore, combined with a healthy diet, exercise helps combat obesity and added stress on the joints. 

      Green-Lipped Mussels for Dogs: In Closing

      Naturally, we all want what is best for our family's cherished four-legged friend. While joint issues are common in canines, advancements in holistic medicine are changing the way we support joint health. 

      Talk to your vet today about making GLM's a staple in your dog's dietary wellness plan. 

      From all of us here at Pet Honesty, may you and your sweet dog have a happy and healthy day.





      Camille Arneberg and her dog
      Camille is a co-founder of Pet Honesty and VP of Pup Parent Education. After watching her own family dog suffer from joint issues for years she became passionate about improving dogs' quality of life. With the help of a team of veterinarians and dog nutritionists she now helps educate other dog owners about the small but powerful things they can do to positively impact their dogs' health and wellness! She lives in Austin, TX and loves cuddling puppies, being outside and reading.