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Collagen for Dogs: What You Need To Know

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Collagen seems to be cropping up everywhere! It’s used by humans in skincare products, lotions, shampoos, supplements, and health foods galore. But, it’s worth taking note: Collagen’s not just beneficial for those of us who walk around on two feet. Your four-legged friend can benefit from Collagen as well. Adding it to your pet’s wellness regimen is a great way to support his skin, mobility, and digestive health. Here’s what you need to know about Collagen so you can choose the best Collagen supplement to support your pet.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen = protein. In fact, it’s the most abundant protein in your pet’s body. It’s in his skin. It’s in his bones. It’s in his muscles, tendons, and cartilage. It’s practically everywhere! Why? Because it holds your pet’s body together. Collagen’s responsible for providing structure to support his connective tissues. And that structure gives his body the strength he needs for physical activity. 

There are many different types of Collagen, but two things are for certain: Collagen makes up an important part of your pet’s physiology, and adding it to his diet as a supplement can support his health.

Why Is Collagen Important?

As you can imagine, a compound that’s so prolific plays several key roles in your pet’s body function. Collagen forms a protective layer around his organs to keep them safe. Collagen supports healthy skin, promotes bone development, and healthy joints for mobility. It’s also key for a healthy coat. In short, bones, joints, and connective tissues require Collagen to keep him healthy. 

Your pet produces Collagen on his own. But, as he ages, Collagen production slows down. Plus, exposure to environmental toxins, smoke, or UV rays negatively affects Collagen production, as well. These factors make it even more essential to add Collagen to your dog’s diet. 

How Collagen Can Help Your Pet

Because Collagen has a hand on so many of your pet’s body and developmental processes, adding a Collagen supplement can help your pet anywhere his naturally occurring Collagen’s concerned. It’s a great way to make sure he gets the daily Collagen his body needs and to help keep him healthy down the road. 

When It Comes To Mobility, Collagen Is King

Help your pet thrive at the dog park, catch the highest of ball tosses and chase that stick to the far end of the yard with Collagen. Healthy joints and muscles are key for mobility. And Collagen plays a big role in their health and function.

  • For Joint Health: Collagen helps your pet’s cartilage stay strong. It also helps support healthy inflammatory responses  that can help with occasional joint-related discomfort . But, even if your pet’s not experiencing joint pain on a daily basis, Collagen supports your healthy pet when it comes to muscle recovery after physical exercise. 
  • For Muscle Health: When your dog exercises, his muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage get stressed. Taking a Collagen supplement helps rebuild them after exertion! It’s naturally found in those features anyhow, so adding even more Collagen, in a bioavailable supplement form, helps him bounce back fast. He’ll be ready for more fun in no time!

Plus, Collagen can help protect against certain kinds of injuries. For those dock jumpers and extreme animal athletes, ligament and tendon health is extra important. Collagen ensures those connective tissues stay supple.

    Collagen Supports Strong Bones

    As your pet ages, he produces less Collagen on his own. He also loses bone mass. Taking a Collagen supplement can help your pet’s bone mass to support his skeletal health.

    Collagen Helps With Skin, Coat, and Nail Care 

    Humans take Collagen supplements to support skin health and promote hair growth. And in people, it helps keep skin supple and elastic and hair grow long and shiny. It can even prevent wrinkles!

    While wrinkles aren’t exactly a concern for your furry friend (in fact, they’re downright cute when we’re talking about Pugs or Shar Peis), skin and coat health is something that is important. 

    • For Skin Health: Collagen works to strengthen your pet’s skin. It helps with elasticity, but it’s especially beneficial for your dog because it hydrates his skin from within. So many pets are prone to skin-related symptoms. Whether he’s got seasonal allergies, hot spots, or other skin issues, hydration is necessary to soothe him! And Collagen helps do just that.

    • For Coat Health: Your dog’s coat is essential for more than his cute looks. It repels water and protects him from dirt, debris, and brush. His undercoat also keeps him insulated and regulates his temperature. It’s important to look after his coat, and Collagen helps keep it healthy. And, as a bonus, pets who consume Collagen have been shown to shed less, too. 

    For Healthy Digestion, Add Collagen to Your Dog’s Diet

    If you’re wondering what Collagen has to do with digestion….you’re not alone! It’s not a topic often talked about, but it’s a benefit you can take advantage of by feeding your pet a Collagen supplement. Collagen supports healthy digestion because it’s used to build the lining in your dog’s stomach and intestines. It keeps food and stomach acid within the walls of his GI tract, so he doesn’t develop an issue like Leaky Gut Syndrome.

    Plus, it helps break down proteins, which is a key part of your pet’s metabolic process. Without Collagen, his body can’t properly turn his food into fuel!

    When Your Dog Doesn’t Have An Appetite, Try Collagen

    If you’re having a hard time getting your pet to eat, he may be interested in a Collagen treat. Because it’s most often made from animal protein, it’s so, so appetizing for your meat-loving pet. Adding a Collagen supplement to each meal helps get him excited to scarf down food that he would otherwise dismiss. 

    What Are The Best Collagen Supplements For Your Pet?

    You know how beneficial it can be to add a Collagen supplement to your pet’s diet, but how do you choose the best one to feed your pet? While there are more options on the market than ever, it’s important to keep in mind that not all Collagen supplements are created equal. Look for pet-safe formulas that include ingredients you feel good about feeding your pet. 

    Can You Give A Dog Human Collagen Supplements?

    While Collagen’s the same for people and for pets, you should only feed your furry friend a supplement that’s specially formulated for….him. It may be safe to give your pet a human supplement, but there’s no great way to know for sure.

    Human Collagen supplements often contain additional ingredients including flavors, added nutrients, and more. So while the Collagen itself may be ok for your pet to consume, the additional ingredients probably aren’t! Instead, look for a Collagen supplement labeled safe for your pet. 

    Pet Honesty Collagen Supplements

    Pet Honesty has several Collagen formulas that are not only pet-friendly but were made specifically with your pet in mind. Pet Honesty PureMobility Chews contain Collagen, plus a host of other joint-supportive ingredients like Glucosamine and Green Lipped Mussels. They’re tasty bite-size morsels that help with mobility. 

    If your pet’s in his golden years, consider a Collagen supplement specifically for senior dogs. Pet Honesty Senior HempMobility is chicken-flavored and contains Collagen, Hemp, Glucosamine, and more. It’s formulated to help your senior pet with his hips and joints. 

    Whichever Collagen supplement you choose, know that you’re helping out your dog’s skin, coat, joints, bones, and overall health and wellness.