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Home Remedies To Support Your Cat's Health

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It’s easier than you might think to take care of your cat’s health at home. Of course,you should bring her into the Vet for regular check ups and when there’s something serious going on. But, in conjunction with traditional care, there are plenty of home remedies, cat supplements, vitamins, and probiotics you can give your cat to help keep her healthy. Here are some of our favorite at-home remedies to help you care for your cat without pharmaceutical help:

A Cat Supplement For A Healthier Skin & Coat

If your kitty seems super itchy or has been shedding more than normal, target her skin and coat with nourishing nutrients. Look for a cat supplement that delivers a potent dose of nutrients you know will help her relieve the urge to itch and keep her fur strong and healthy. Here are some of the best nutrients to look for in a cat supplement that promote skin and coat wellness:

  • Omega Fatty Acids: There are few compounds that offer as much skin and coat support as Omega Fatty Acids! Your cat’s body uses them to make protein, heal wounds, and keep her skin hydrated, healthy and anything but dry! You can add them to her diet if you feed her salmon or other fatty fish. But, an easy way to incorporate more Omega goodness into her daily diet is by adding a supplement to her food dish. 
  • Antioxidants: If your cat has irritated skin or a patchy coat, seasonal allergies could be to blame. Help her fight allergen with antioxidant power. Look for a supplement that contains ingredients that are antioxidant-rich. They support her immune system and fortify her defense against those pesky allergens that’re making her itchy and irritated. 
  • Vitamins For Cats: Vitamin C is beneficial to your itchy kitty because it supports a healthy immune system. And Vitamin E makes a great addition to her diet because it’s naturally skin-soothing and can help keep her coat healthy, as well. 

Vitamins For Cat Joint Wellness And Healthy Mobility

Keep your kitty moving, grooving and pouncing for years to come with the support of joint-supportive vitamins. As your cat ages, her body naturally produces less and less joint -hydrating compounds and it becomes tough for her to move the way she once could. Support her at home with supplements that include ingredients like: 

  • Turmeric: This spice isn’t just beneficial for us people, it also promotes a healthy inflammatory response in your cat. Add it to her diet to help prevent age-related joint discomfort.
  • Hemp: It is not only helpful for its mood-soothing compounds, but it can also comfort your cat when she’s experiencing occasional joint discomfort. Add it to her daily diet for joint and mobility support.
  • Chondroitin & Glucosamine: These two ingredients are powerful on their own, but they’re even more joint-supportive when combined and formulated into a supplement for your cat. They promote healthy mobility by lubricating joints and targeting the connective tissue that can tire  as your cat ages.
  • Collagen: This ingredient promotes cartilage development to help maintain mobile joints. And, as a n added bonus, it’s seriously skin-supportive as well.

Probiotics For Cats To Support Digestive Health

Does your cat have an upset stomach? Bad gas? Bloating? Then add a probiotic to her diet! They can help her find relief if she’s experiencing uncomfortable gut symptoms. They also help prevent future GI issues from developing, so your kitty and her digestive tract stay healthy. Here are some of our favorite gut-supportive ingredients to look for: 

  • Pumpkin: When you want to help your feline stay regular, find a pumpkin supplement and add it to her diet. It’s the perfect ingredient to reach for when your cat’s backed up and hasn’t visited her little box in far too long, or if she’s got loose stool and you want to help her have healthy bowel movements. 
  • Probiotic bacteria: Nothing supports your cat’s GI tract better than the bacteria that are already present in her digestive system. Deliver an extra dose of that friendly bacteria to help out her gout even more with a probiotic supplement. Look for one that’s formulated for cats, and includes bacterial strain that will be most effective supporting your feline. 
  • Prebiotic fiber: When you’re adding a cat probiotic to your cat’s diet look for one that includes prebiotic fiber, as well. Why? Because all the healthy bacteria you’re adding to her gut needs to eat. And it’s fiber that’s on the menu. Prebiotics can make probiotic bacteria more effective and further support your kitty’s digestive system.

Pethonesty Cat Supplements

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