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How to Throw Your Dog the Best Birthday Party

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Dogs are pretty much always ready to party. If your dog’s birthday is coming up, why not use it as an excuse to go all-out with treats, games, and gathering furry friends for a fun time? 

Even if you don’t know your dog’s exact birthday, you can still celebrate his “gotcha day.” Or, just pick a day and claim it as your pup’s special day! Read on for some of our favorite tips for throwing a fun, safe, PAWesome party for your pooch. 

Location, Location, Location

Chances are, you don’t want an entire crew of canines running around in your living room. If the weather is nice, you can host a dog birthday party outdoors: in a fenced-in yard, or at a dog-friendly location such as a beach or park, for example. 

If you prefer an indoor venue, your local doggie daycare or another dog-friendly organization may be able to help you reserve some space for Fido and his friends. 

If you’re planning a party with a smaller group (or smaller dogs), you may have more options such as an empty garage, or even your basement… assuming you don’t mind a potential mess. 

Regardless of the location, be sure that it’s escape-proof. 

Let Them Eat Cake cake, that is. After all, no party is complete without some tasty treats! 

You can order a dog birthday cake (or other desserts) from a dog bakery, or search for an online recipe to make your own. You could also purchase a box mix—just make sure that all of the ingredients are safe for Fido to eat. 

If you prefer to skip the baked goods, your dog will likely be perfectly content with his regular treats. Spruce them up by adding dog-friendly peanut butter as an extra treat! 

Don’t forget about feeding your human guests, too. You can even go all-out with dog-themed snacks such as hot dogs, bone-shaped cookies, kibble-like trail mix, and more. Just make sure that any human food is out of reach from dogs, especially if it contains potentially toxic ingredients. 

Dog-Friendly Decor

Whether you have a theme or not, a dog birthday party is a perfect time to splurge on some decorations. Have fun with bone shapes and other dog themes by buying or DIY-ing some personalized signs and banners, along with plenty of balloons, streamers, and dog-friendly confetti. Just stay away from any decorations that your dog might try to eat! 

There’s almost nothing cuter than a dog in a party hat… but if your dog isn’t willing to wear it, you can get creative with bandanas, dog t-shirts, and even tutus for a festive look. If your pup is feeling uncomfortable in his outfit, though, don’t force it. Fun is more important than fashion. 

Invite Fido’s Furry Friends

A dog birthday party is a perfect opportunity to gather up the squad for some fun and games. That being said, if you’re planning to host a group of dogs, you want to do your best to ensure that they will get along. 

You know your dog best: does he do okay in large groups, or would he feel more at ease with a smaller gathering? Familiar friends are best, so try to limit the guest list to humans and dogs that Fido already knows to keep things manageable. 

Monitor the dogs throughout the party for any signs of tension. If you think things might take a turn for the worse, calmly remove the stressed-out pup from the situation. If it’s someone else’s dog, alert the owner to the situation. 

Put out plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. If you’re planning to provide snacks, ask other pet parents about any dietary restrictions. Play it safe with healthy options such as sliced frozen bananas, baby carrots, or green peas.

Plan Fun Activities

A dog birthday party may not include a piñata or a game of “pin the tail on the donkey,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan fun activities for the day. 

A few ideas include:

  • Play a big game of fetch with multiple balls
  • Practice commands together for a canine version of “Simon Says” 
  • Fill a kiddie pool with tennis balls for a puppy ball pit 
  • Weather permitting, fill a kiddie pool with water or turn on a sprinkler for some fun splashing
  • Place a variety of dog toys throughout the yard/area

If you’re planning for your pooch to open presents at his party, you can encourage him to open them on his own by placing a treat inside the wrapping paper. If you predict that sharing will be a problem, it may be best to open presents when there are no other dogs around. 

Don’t forget to thank your guests and their furry friends by giving them doggy bag party favors filled with toys and treats! 

If your pooch is prone to anxiety, you may want to provide him with some calming support so he can relax on his big day and enjoy the celebration. Pet Honesty’s Premium Hemp Calming Chews are a gentle, non-sedating way to make potentially stressful situations more enjoyable.