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It’s Nearly National Dog Day 2021! Here’s How You Should Celebrate

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Did you know that National Dog Day 2021 is right around the corner? Get ready to celebrate with your favorite four-legged friends because it’s a day dedicated to our dogs. They’re so deserving of a little extra love and attention, so here are some ways you can let your dog know you’re so glad to have them by your side this Nation Dog Day: 

What Is International Dog Day?

International Dog Day 2021 takes place on August 26, so it’s coming up quickly! It was originally established as a holiday to promote dog adoptions but has quickly been embraced by pet parents across the globe as a day they can dedicate to their furry friends and celebrate their dogs. Now, the day is all about empowering pet parents to talk about dog adoption, pet safety, and everything they love about their own fur family members at home. It’s an opportunity for pet parents and pets to come together & celebrate with parades, doggie meet-ups, and pet-friendly events. 

How To Celebrate National Dog Day

Excited to spend a day showing your dog just how much you appreciate having him by your side? Well, here are some ideas to help you celebrate National Dog Day 2021:

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

One way to spend National Dog Day is by helping out pets who haven’t found their forever families yet. Donate your time to help out a local shelter or make a monetary contribution if you’re able to. Donate pet supplies that your dog no longer needs, or pick up a few extras while you’re out spoiling your dog. Rescue organizations and animal shelters are always on the lookout for kennels, dog toys, and other supplies that pets need. 

Take Your Dog For An Extra-Long Walk

Celebrate National Dog Day by getting active! Take your dog for an extra-long walk or go through his favorite neighborhood so he has the best time! The exercise is good for your dog but will benefit your own health, as well. 

If you have a water dog who loves to dip his toes, head to the lake to let your dog go for a little swim while on his walk. Or, if your pup loves to run free, walk to the dog park! Your doggo will enjoy both the walk and the time at the dog park. 

However you decide to get active, enjoy quality time with your dog! 

Treat Your Pup To A Special Treat

Did you know that many of your favorite food spots have dog-friendly specials? If you’re planning an outing with your dog, swing by your local fast food drive-in and ask for the ‘dog special.’ No, not every place has a pet-specific treat on their menu, but many do! Most ice cream shops will give you a doggie dish, Starbucks offers a ‘pup cup’ full of whipped cream and there are so many other options for your dog. Treat your four-legged friend to a little something special and give him a sweet treat this National Dog Day! 

Bring Home A New Dog Toy

Is there anything better than watching your dog enjoy a brand new toy? Bring him home a toy, or two, or three, this National Dog Day. Or better yet, bring him to your local pet store and let him choose the toy he’s most excited about trying. 

But don’t stop there, get on the floor and play with your dog. Engage him with his new toys. Because of course, your pet will love playing with something he hasn’t seen before. But, he’ll be most grateful for the quality time he gets to spend with you!

Have A Photoshoot

Celebrate National Dog Day with a new portrait of your pet. Bust out your camera or grab your smartphone and start snapping photos. Instead of posing your pup, take photos of him doing the things he loves the most since these will likely be the most meaningful to you. Capture action shots of him jumping, prancing, and frolicking. Toss some treats and try to get a photo of him catching them mid-air. Or, try to capture a slo-mo video of your dog, it’s sure to make you laugh when you watch it back!

As pet parents, we don’t always take the time to enjoy the little things with our dogs. And capturing some sweet photos of your pup is one way to help you do exactly that this Dog Day! 

Teach Your Pet A New Trick

Add to Fido’s repertoire by teaching him something new this National Dog Day. Stock up on his favorite high-value treats and get to town teaching. And despite what folklore suggests, ‘old dogs’ can learn new tricks. Any dog can learn a new trick

All you need to keep in mind is what your pup will find rewarding. Not all dogs love treats...some prefer pets, playtime, or a toy. Learn your dog and what he’ll find enticing so you can teach him how to do something new with a reward that he’ll actually enjoy! 

Host An International Dog Day Party For All Your Pup’s Best Doggie Friends

Invite the neighborhood dogs over for a pet-friendly bash this National Dog Day. Set up some swimming pools, an obstacle course, and plenty of toys for all the dogs to enjoy. Ask each pet parent to bring a dog-friendly dish, pot luck style, so every pet can enjoy something tasty during their celebration. Dogs are social creatures and they can absolutely make puppy friends, so hosting a dog-friendly party is a great way to celebrate your pet.

Pet Honesty Supplements To Have On Hand This National Dog Day

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