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Dental Health For Dogs: Tips To Help If Your Dog Has An Oral Emergency

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No one wants to imagine the worst — especially when it comes to our pets. But, it’s a good idea to be prepared in the event that you do have a dog-related emergency. And while there are plenty of things that could go wrong and force you to bring your dog to the emergency Vet, Vin this post, we’re focusing on oral health and what to do if you need to get your pet into a Veterinary dentist asap. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool and support your dog through a dental emergency. 

What Is A Dog Dental Emergency

A dog dental emergency refers to any situation in which your pet has an oral health issue that requires immediate veterinary attention. The biggest indicator that your pet’s dental issue is an emergency is discomfort. 

If it’s obvious that your dog is not feeling well and is showing signs that he is experiencing discomfort, bring Fido in for emergency care straight away. If your pup is bleeding or his mouth and gums appear extremely inflamed, it’s also important to get help asap. 

But, an emergency situation doesn’t always involve blood or obvious trauma. There are subtle situations in which a trip to the emergency Vet or veterinary dentist is also necessary. If you’re concerned about your dog and don’t know whether or not he needs emergency care, call ahead. Most clinics are all too happy to let you know if you need to bring your pup in straight 

How Do You Know If You’re Dog Needs Immediate Care

Not all dental issues are obvious! In fact, our pets are surprisingly good at masking pain and making it seem like everything’s just fine. So, it’s important to pay close attention to your dog and cue into his behavior to make sure he’s not experiencing any type of discomfort. Here are some indicators that signal it’s time to take a closer look and get your dog into the Vet:

  • Bad Breath: Bad breath might not seem like a big deal, but if your dog has a foul odor coming from his mouth, it’s definitely a sign that something is going on! Your dog shouldn’t have bad breath! And, sure, it could be an indicator that it’s time to clean his teeth. But, it could also mean there’s a more serious issue with his dental health. And that’s why you should always address bad breath!

  • Bleeding Gums: If you notice any blood in your dog’s mouth, take action. It may be tempting to examine your dog’s mouth and determine that a tiny bit of blood on his gums is no big deal. But, you should always have a Vet check things out if there’s any discoloration or blood in Fido’s mouth. It could mean he has an underlying infection that’s not visible to your eyes, or that he’s developing teeth or gum issues that need to be addressed before they develop into a condition that’s even more serious.

  • Broken Teeth: If you notice a crack, fracture, or chunk of tooth missing from your dog’s mouth, it’s cause for concern. Sure, some pets can lose part of a tooth and go about their day without any issues. But, ask just about any Vet, and they’ll let you know that a broken tooth is considered a dog dental emergency. Bring your pet in to see your Vet asap if he has a visible crack or fracture in one of his teeth.

While these are just a few things that can indicate if your dog is uncomfortable and needs immediate dental care, it is not an exhaustive list! If you want more information about how to monitor your dog and his dental health, ask your Vet or Veterinary dentist. They will be able to give you information about your dog, who is unique and has his own health needs! 

How To Help Prevent A Dog Dental Emergency

The best way to help avoid dental issues for your dog, including urgent ones that require a trip to the emergency Vet, is to be prepared. Make a plan of action so that in the event that you do need to seek immediate care, you know exactly what to do and where to bring your dog. First, find an emergency Vet near you so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute to figure out where to bring your dog in for help.

Discuss options with your regular Vet and get thor recommendation for emergency care. Many Veterinary clinics partner with emergency facilities and can help direct you to select an emergency Vet care provider. 

Here are some additional things you can do to help prevent dog dental emergencies: 

  • Perform Regular Wellness Checks: Frequently examine your dog’s mouth. When you keep tabs on your pet and his oral health, you’ll catch any potential issues quickly, before they become a problem. And while annual visits to the Vet are an important part of your dog’s overall wellness plan, so are at-home health checks!

  • Practice Preventative Care: If you make dental health a priority for your dog, you’re far more likely to avoid a dental emergency. Of course, accidents happen. But, if you do take time to 
  • Feed Your Dog A Healthy, Balanced Diet: While it might not seem like a priority if your dog is facing a health emergency, feeding a balanced diet filled with whole foods is one of the best ways to support your dog. Your pet and his body have dietary needs, and when you support your four-legged friend and his dental health with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary, they can function at their best. This is key when it comes to preventing dental emergencies.

  • Support Fido With Dental Supplements: Whether you choose dental water you add to your dog’s dish or a dental chew, supplements can greatly benefit your pet and help prevent dental health issues from developing into emergencies. Look for supplements that contain ingredients like peppermint and parsley, which will help keep his breath fresh and kill potentially harmful bacteria in the mouth. And ingredients that promote a healthy inflammatory 

Pethonesty Dog Dental Supplements

Of course, you want to do everything you can to support your dog and prevent a dental emergency — and adding a little extra support with a dental supplement can help you do just that. Add Pethonesty Oral Hygiene Dental Water to your pet’s water dish. It’s an easy way to help prevent dental issues from developing, and your dog won’t even know he’s drinking something that’s benefitting his oral health!

Or, if your dog loves to chew toys and spends his days chomping on bones, try Pethonesty Oral Hygiene Fresh Sticks. They’re perfect for any pet who wants fresher breath, healthier teeth, and a clean mouth thanks to the dental-supportive ingredients and grooved shape of these dental sticks.