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Peppermint And Your Pet: Can Dogs Enjoy This Minty Ingredient?

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What Is Peppermint? 

You likely know exactly what peppermint smells like. It’s minty. It’s fresh. And it’s so pleasant to add as an ingredient to any dish. Peppermint is an herb that’s part guessed it...the mint family. Peppermint has been a staple in both cuisine and herbal remedies for thousands of years. And it’s no surprise thanks to the many health benefits peppermint has to offer.

Peppermint is native to Europe and Asia, but it’s easy to grow just about anywhere. But, perhaps the main reason most people reach for peppermint is that the leaves are packed with essential oils. Peppermint contains menthol, menthone, and limonene, all of which are beneficial in their own right. 

What About Peppermint Oil?

Like many other herbs, oils and essential oils can be extracted from peppermint leaves. They’re processed and the result is a highly concentrated extract that contains peppermint oil. It’s important to note that fresh peppermint, when consumed as an ingredient, is much milder than peppermint oil which is far more potent than the fresh plant itself.

Can Dogs Have Peppermint?

The key thing to keep in mind when considering peppermint for your pet is the format! Peppermint is generally considered safe and beneficial for Fido if consumed in food, treats or supplements as fresh peppermint. 

Peppermint oil, on the other hand, is often too potent for your pet. While the exact quantity that’s considered toxic to your dog varies from one pet to another, it’s a good idea to avoid peppermint oil altogether. 

You should also try to avoid foods that are flavored with artificial peppermint. Avoid giving Fido a bite of your peppermint candy and definitely don’t let him get into your stash of gum. These items likely contain xylitol, which is a substance that is extremely harmful to dogs. 

Instead, stick to fresh peppermint and take care when introducing any new ingredient to your dog’s diet. Check with your Vet first to make sure you get the ‘ok from a professional who’s familiar with your dog’s unique nutritional needs. 

Why Add Peppermint For Dogs To Your Pet’s Diet

Fresh peppermint can make an excellent addition to your dog’s diet because it supports your four-legged friend in a number of ways. Here are some of the benefits your dog may experience when you toss a sprig of peppermint into his dog dish or you give him a chew that’s formulated minty-fresh:

  • Peppermint helps freshen breath: If you’ve been avoiding your dog’s kisses because his breath is less than stellar, consider adding peppermint to his diet. It’s a natural way to promote fresh, pleasant-smelling breath
  • It contains antiseptic properties: One of the reasons peppermint can help freshen breath and support overall oral health is because it contains natural antiseptic properties. This means it not only masks bad odor with a pleasant scent, but it actually helps prevent odor that’s caused by bacteria.

  • Peppermint is good for the gut: If your dog has a sensitive stomach or experiences occasional digestive discomfort, peppermint can help! It’s been shown to help with nausea and other GI symptoms that can be unpleasant for your dog. 
  • It can soothe sore muscles: Some of the oils naturally present in peppermint can help soothe aching, stiff, or sore muscles. So, if your dog has had a long day at the dog park or went for an extra vigorous walk, consider adding a peppermint treat to his daily routine o help him recover.

  • Peppermint may be a natural energy-booster: So, if your dog seems extra sleepy during the day and needs a little extra help getting up and going, boost his daily peppermint intake. It may affect his energy levels!

  • It can repel pests: Feeding your dog a diet that contains peppermint or treats that are formulated with the fresh herb has been shown to help propel pests. We’re talking ticks, fleas, and other tiny creatures that can cause issues for your dog.

  • Peppermint may offer allergy support: it’s been shown to help dogs that suffer from occasional allergies. So if your pet gets really itchy thanks to allergens in the environment, consider peppermint to help! 

Pet Honesty Supplements That Contain Peppermint

Ready to add some minty fresh peppermint to your dog’s diet? Pet Honesty has a dental stick that’s perfect for your dog. Reach for a bag of Pet Honesty Oral Hygiene Fresh Sticks when you want to support your dog with fresher breath, a calm, soothed stomach, and seasonal allergy support. They’re formulated with peppermint in a dose that’s safe for your dog plus additional oral support from Bromelain, green tea extract, and more.