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Ultimate Gift Guide for Cats

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As you work through your holiday gift shopping lists this year, it’s only natural to want to include your furry, four-legged family members in the festivities. Even if you spoil your kitty year-round, the holidays are a fun opportunity to splurge on something special for your pet… even if she ends up being more excited about the box it came in than the item itself!
Read on for some of our favorite cat gift ideas for your feline friend, or for any other cat lovers in your life.


Of course, we have to start with the most fun items to shop for: toys. Kittens are born with a desire to chase, pounce, and “hunt,” even if their prey is a simple laser dot or a piece of a string. 

Give your kitty some toys that you can play with together such as feather wands or lasers for a promise of fun quality time. Interactive toys are also great for solo play, especially if they’re mentally stimulating toys such as cat puzzles. 

Cats also love hiding and crawling into small spaces, especially if it allows them to peek at the outside world from a distance. Tunnels, cat forts, and even cardboard boxes are all great gift options for your cat. For a more personalized cat gift, turn a cardboard box into a house (perhaps even a gingerbread house for the holidays) with your cat’s name on it! 


Cat scratchers could be categorized as toys, but they serve such an important purpose that we think they’re worth noting separately. 

Scratching is a feline instinct that serves several purposes: it acts as an emotional outlet, a form of entertainment, a way to mark territory, and a tool for exercising and stretching. Cat scratchers are also important when it comes to grooming since they help your kitty keep her nails filed

Every cat should have both horizontal and vertical scratchers. Scratchers should be sturdy enough that your cat can dig her claws into them and get a good stretch without knocking them over or picking them up. Plus, if your kitty has a good scratcher, she’s less likely to tear up your furniture.


Cats spend a lot of their time snoozing in multiple spots around the house. With that in mind, comfy,  snug sleeping spaces always make great cat gifts—and even better when complemented with a snuggly stuffed toy. 

Give your kitty a warm place to sleep with plenty of cozy bedding. If you notice her kneading her new bed, you know she’s getting ready to be comfortable!

DNA Test for Cats

It may be hard to believe that your snuggly, tiny indoor cat descended from large, fierce wild cats, but you can help to better understand her roots with a cat DNA test. 

A better understanding of your cat’s breed and genetic makeup can be helpful for learning about your cat’s susceptibility to certain traits or health risks.

Window Perch

If you have an indoor cat, it’s important to give her access to the outside world which can satisfy her curiosity while also keeping her safe. Allow your kitty access to a window so she can look outside with a window perch or a cat tree by a window; some pet owners even opt for cat enclosures which allow a closer look and feel to the outdoors. 

If you live in a basement or other area without much access to the outside world, an online search will yield several results for realistic cat videos of squirrels, birds, fish, and other critters for hours of entertainment. 

Leash & Harness

If you want to take it a step further from the window and allow your indoor cat some time outside, it’s best to play it safe with a leash, harness, and close supervision. If you’re planning to venture further than your backyard or neighborhood, it’s a good idea to purchase a carrying crate for travel safety purposes. 

To protect your kitty’s tiny neck, opt for a cat harness in favor of a collar attached to a leash. Remember that cats are much more independent and stubborn than dogs, so don’t expect a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Instead, allow your kitty plenty of room to roam and explore her surroundings within the limitations of her leash. 

Cat Trees & Mounted Shelves

Cats love to climb, so cater to your kitty’s interests by getting her climbable cat trees and/or mounted wall shelves. Not only is climbing a feline instinct, but if you have other pets in the household, high spaces are important in order to allow your kitty a safe hiding place. 

Besides, any cat owner would agree that they would rather have their kitty climbing on their cat tree than on the top of their fridge and cabinets!

Water Fountain

Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water. If you’ve got a picky, finicky cat who doesn’t like it when her water bowl has the slightest bit of dust or debris in it, you may be better off with a cat water fountain. Cats who like to knock over bowls or are simply uninterested in water may also benefit from a bubbling water fountain that caters to their curiosity. 

If you’ve got a senior cat or a kitty who struggles with joint discomfort, elevated food and water bowls are also a good idea for easy access. 

Treats & Supplements 

Every cat loves a tasty treat, so what better excuse to splurge than the holidays? Buy your feline some fancy snacks, share some pet-safe foods from your kitchen, or give her an extra dose of catnip in her new bed or with her new toys. 

Give your cat the gift of health and wellness with dietary supplements, such as Pet Honesty’s Wellness Cat Pack. This tasty combo consists of Digestive Probiotics+ Powder and Lysine-Immune Health+ Powder, both of which can be mixed right into your cat’s food bowl for an extra health boost.