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Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs

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It’s that time of year where we’re all working through our holiday gift shopping lists, trying to find the perfect gifts for all of the loved ones in our lives. Of course, for any pet owners, those loved ones include our furry, four-legged family members!  

Even if you spoil your pet year-round, Christmas is a fun opportunity to splurge on something special for your pooch. Besides, what dog doesn’t love tearing open wrapping paper? Read on for some of our favorite Christmas dog gift ideas for your pet, or for any other dog lovers in your life.


When you think of Christmas gifts for dogs, toys are likely the first idea that pops into your mind… and with good reason! After all, your doggo certainly deserves a fun reward after being such a good boy all year. 

Dogs love to chew, so you might as well cater to his interests with plenty of chew toys. After all, chewing is a healthy outlet for stress relief and boredom. Plus, chewing is great for your dog’s dental health

Balls, frisbees, and other “fetch” toys are another great dog gift option because it means you’ll be spending plenty of quality time together. Because dogs see colors differently than we do, opt for blue and yellow toys that will stand out against green grass. 

You may also want to gift your dog a comfort toy, such as a stuffed animal. Make it even more exciting by tossing it into your laundry pile for a bit to make it smell like Fido’s favorite scent: you! 

Brain Boosters

If you walk your dog every day, you already know the importance of physical exercise for dogs. But what about mental exercise? 

Keep your dog’s mind sharp with interactive toys for mental stimulation. Interactive puzzle toys are a great way to support your canine’s cognitive function and reduce boredom. 

Plus, if your dog tends to eat too fast, puzzle feeders can be a great way to slow down his eating while stimulating his brain.  

DNA Test for Dogs

We know that all dogs descended from wolves, but how well do you really understand your dog’s genetics? A DNA test for dogs, often done at home with a saliva sample, can help you get a better understanding of your pup’s genetics and breed makeup, and related susceptibility to certain traits or health risks. 

Plus, you can help Fido feel closer to his ancestors


Keep your dog warm this winter by gifting him cozy bedding and blankets to help him sleep soundly. Remember to keep his bed away from any drafts or hazards such as space heaters. 

Sweaters & Booties

Depending on your dog’s breed and coat, he may need some extra assistance when it comes to staying warm in the winter months. Sweaters and jackets are a great way to provide some extra insulation when you venture outside together; you may also want to invest in some booties to protect those paws

For some extra fun, you could even consider a matching sweater set for family photos!

Food & Water Bowls 

Collapsible food and water bowls are a perfect dog gift idea for pets who like to travel and/or join you on your outdoor adventures

If you have a senior dog with joint discomfort, consider elevated food and water bowls for easy access. 

Your pup may also appreciate having his own food and water bowls in a separate area of the house if he lives in a household with other dogs and worries about involuntarily sharing his food with his peers.

Crates & Carriers

Gift your pooch a travel crate or carrier (or other car safety mechanism) as a way to plan on more adventures together. 

Even if you don’t have plans to travel, crate training is a good way to provide your pup with his own comforting safe space in the home. Allow easy access to and from the crate while you’re home so your dog can enter and exit at his own will without feeling confined.

Leashes & Harnesses

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to switch from the traditional leash and collar combination to a no-pull harness. Leash training your dog is a great way to spend quality time together, get your daily walks in, and set yourself up for more enjoyable, pull-free walks down the road. Plus, it’s safer for your dog. 

Don’t forget about restocking on poop bags, too! 

Tasty Treats & Supplements

The holidays are a time to splurge, so what better time to treat your pup to some tasty snacks? 

Make sure you have plenty of training treats on hand, as well as more “fun” treats such as safe rawhide alternatives

Give your dog the gift of health and wellness with dietary supplements. Your dog may think he’s just eating something tasty, but you know that he’s getting a health boost every time he chows down on those healthy chews. 

Pet Honesty’s supplemental chews are formulated from a variety of natural ingredients with your dog’s health in mind. If you’re not sure where to start, try the Everyday Essentials 3-Pack, which contains: 

  • Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil
  • 10-for-1 Multivitamin
  • Oral Hygiene Dental Water

This tasty, healthy combo supports your dog’s skin health, dental health, and overall health and wellness.