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5 Hemp Oil Uses for Dogs

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Hemp oil has exploded onto the scene as a hot new dietary supplement not just for humans, but for dogs as well. Pet owners today are turning to hemp products for a number of reasons. Luckily for these pet parents, hemp products are becoming even more available, with many brands making everything from oil to hemp dog treats and even daily chews. 

These products for pets are some of the hottest canine supplements on the market today, which makes us beg the question, what are the benefits of hemp oil for dogs and how do we use it?

 Here are some of the most common ways to use hemp oils for dogs!

Hemp Oil Uses For Dogs

Dietary Additive 

Hemp oil works very well as a digested supplement. Typically, hemp oil comes in a liquid form that you can be bought over the counter at any health and wellness store. If you decide you want to buy hemp oil for your dog, make sure you purchase a product that is specially formulated for a canine. 

While dog food made with hemp oil is still hard to come by, gels, liquids, small treats, and other hemp oil products can all be found. According to PetMD, adding a powdered form of hemp oil to your dog's food is an excellent way to increase his intake of the essential nutrients and fatty acids that hemp oil provides. Supplementing dietary needs with hemp oil is an excellent use of this product and helps support your furry friend’s digestive tract for optimal functioning. 

Use as a Topical Oil 

Believe it or not, hemp oil can be used as a topical treatment. The skin is an excellent way to introduce hemp oil to the body, as much of the oil will absorb directly into the bloodstream. When applied directly to the skin, instead of being ingested orally, hemp oil is able to bypass the digestion process, allowing your dog to absorb and retain more of the oil. 

Veterinary Practice News states that hemp oil is rich in fatty acids, specifically Omega-3 and Omega-6. These two fatty acids work to promote and help maintain the generation of biotin and collagen, which are vital to hair and nail growth. Especially as your dog ages, the organs responsible for producing the hormones that control hair and nail growth slow down. Hemp oil, especially when used as a topical treatment, supports the skin and triggers organs like the liver to produce stronger nails and a thicker, shinier coat. 

Use as a Daily Supplement

Most hemp oil comes in the form of a tincture, which is just a fancy way of saying in liquid form. However, hemp oil can be turned into all sorts of fun and tasty options that your dog will love. Certa Pet says that administering hemp oil in the form of a treat is a way to reward your dog while supporting his health at the same time. 

When deciding what kind of hemp oil-based chew to give your dog, you want to make sure that hemp oil is one of the key ingredients. While some treats may list hemp oil as an ingredient, in reality, there may only be a small amount of hemp oil present. Providing your dog with a hemp oil chew is a great way to get picky eaters to consume this powerhouse ingredient.

Use as a Preventative Measure

The health benefits of hemp oil come as a result of your dog's natural ability to process and absorb certain chemicals found in hemp. Hemp is naturally rich in these chemicals. These chemicals that are in hemp are naturally produced by a neurological system called receptors, prevalent in most mammals, including dogs. 

The hormones that these chemicals control directly affect things like blood pressure, cortisol levels, etc. and can be linked to long-term health. The addition of these hemp-related chemicals to your dog's internal system can act as a natural health boost. Using hemp oil as a preventative measure is a great way to support your dog's health.

Why Using Hemp Oil is Good for Your Dog

Hemp oil is good for your dog and it’s an excellent supplement to support their overall health and well-being. Healthline contests that certain chemicals, especially those found in hemp oil, are rich in antioxidants and according to the FDA, have been found to combat free radicals. This all-natural oil also helps promote a normal immune response and also supports joint health in dogs. 

Early indications of testing, have shown success mitigating a variety of physical and mental issues.

There may be some reluctance surrounding hemp oil and the hemp plant as a whole, but we can assure you it is perfectly safe. Hemp oil is completely dog-safe and does not contain any psychoactive ingredients like THC. When it comes to how much hemp oil your dog should have daily, professionals recommend a standard dose of 1ml for every 10lbs. 

Whether your dog suffers from joint discomfort,, digestive issues, anxiety, , our hemp oil products can help. If you are trying to stay away from traditional medications and use a more natural treatment approach, why not try out one of our hemp oil products from Pet Honesty today. Whenever you try any new supplement for your dog, it is crucial to monitor his behavior and reactions to ensure there are no adverse side effects. While hemp oil is safe for dogs, consult your vet before adding a new supplement is always recommended.