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Answering The Question: Can Dogs Have Tomato?

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Tomatooooe, doesn’t matter how you say it when you’re wondering: can dogs have tomato? The answer is….yes, in moderation. Annnnnd it depends on the type of tomato you feed Fido. Here’s everything you need to know about tomatoes, your dog, and whether or not you should include them in his diet. 

Should You Give Your Dog Tomato? 

We all love sharing nibbles and bits with our pets when we’re eating. It feels so good to sneak a little treat to our furry friends under the table, and the same goes for tomatoes! According to the Pet Poison Hotline, tomatoes are “generally safe to feed dogs.” 

The compound that is potentially harmful to your pet is called Tomatine, and it’s most concentrated in the leafy portions of the tomato plant and in small green tomatoes. While some Tomatine likely won’t negatively affect your pet, it’s possible that your dog might experience the following symptoms if he eats the entire tomato plant, or indulges in a green tomato:

  • Digestive upset: If your dog has consumed too much Tomatine, he’ll likely experience some GI discomfort. This could include diarrhea, gas, cramps, and other uncomfortable symptoms.
  • A sensitive stomach: Your pet may vomit and experience stomach discomfort if he eats too many unripe tomatoes or leafy portions of the plant.
  • Drowsiness or confusion: Your dog may seem super sleepy and a little bit out of it if he’s eaten a toxic amount of Tomatine. 
  • Changes to his heart rate: If your dog’s experiencing an irregular heartbeat, a racing heart, or other changes to his normal heart rate, Tomatine could be the cause.

If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, seek Vet attention ASAP. While tomatoes are generally safe, Tomatine can be toxic to your pet and some of the symptoms can be severe. 

How To Add Tomato To Your Dog’s Diet

When you want to start feeding your dog tomato, exercise caution! Here are the things you should keep in mind before you start sharing your Caprese salad or cherry tomato snack with your pet.

  • Not Every Tomato Is Safe! Consider the color before you give your dog a tomato! Small green tomatoes contain Tomatine, and that’s the compound that can be toxic to your dog in large quantities. So, if given the choice between a green tomato or a red tomato, give your dog the rosy option!
  • Start Slowly: That said, tomatoes are acidic and can be tough for Fido to digest. It’s best to exercise caution when feeding your pet any new ingredient—but that’s especially true when it’s a fruit like tomatoes you’re adding to his diet. 
  • Add a Probiotic To His DIet: Whenever you introduce a new ingredient to your pet’s diet, adding a probiotic supplement can help! It supports digestive wellness to help prevent GI upset when you introduce new food to your pet.
  • Skip The Sauce And Ketchup: If you’re hoping to give your pet a taste of tomatoes the way you like them best—in the form of pasta sauce or ketchup—you may want to reconsider. Those foods are made with additional ingredients that aren’t so good for your dog. They’re packs with sugar, sodium, onions, garlic, and other ingredients that aren’t in his best interest to eat. If you’re hoping to give your dog tomato, make sure it’s not ketchup or tomato sauce!

Pethonesty Products That Contain Tomato

Several Pethonesty products contain tomato. Why? Because it tastes great! And it’s safe and healthy for your pet. To feed your pe some tasty tomato chews, try Pethonesty Allergy Support+ Chews. Not only are they made with tomato, but they also boost your dog’s immune system to keep him feeling his best.