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Benefits of Switching to a Cat Water Fountain

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A cat with a 5-pound lean body weight should have 4 ounces of water daily to stay hydrated. Like many other pet owners, you may consider getting a cat water fountain instead of a regular water bowl. There’ll be a change in dynamics with the introduction of cat water fountains, but your pet will love you for it.

The idea of using cat water fountains did not jump out of the blue to replace the water bowl. You’ll notice your pet’s attraction to the kitchen tap, especially when there is running water. Some people trace this attraction to water fountains back to a basic principle of survival among the early animal ancestors.

Standing water is often associated with bacteria buildup, and your pets know that. Hence, there is a more positive response to Pet water fountains. We’ll review some benefits of embracing a pet water fountain over a standing water bowl.


Why You Should Opt for Cat Water Fountains

Cat water fountains come in different designs but have the same fundamentals. They provide running water for most animals as opposed to the bowl. Add it to supplements, and you’ll give your pet the best health.

Even stray cats out in the wild know the essence of running water. With that in mind, here are the benefits of using cat water fountains over the standard bowl:


If you’ve got a cat already or are considering adopting one, think about hydration. Your pet needs constant access to water; the only way is through the pet water fountains. The water lasts longer than just leaving it in a bowl.

Pet water fountains are visually attractive, and the sound is also audible. Tap water would do the trick, but you can’t leave it on forever.

Hydration is the major benefit of having pet water fountains. You don’t want your pet to suffer from dehydration in any way. Hence, taking that extra step for a pet water fountain is best.


Clean water

A cat coming off a meal will dump the crumbs into a drinking bowl. That contaminates the water and can harbor bacteria that could result in illness.

You can help eliminate this problem with a cat water fountain. It has filters to remove the cat's saliva, hair, and other impurities. As a result, you can give your cats a steady supply of fresh water.

Pet water fountains will not only produce clean but also cooler water. The motorized pump pushes water through the filter before reaching the cat’s mouth. That is much better for your cat’s health than keeping stagnant water in a bowl.

Cooler water

Cat fountains have cool water because the falling water is aerated. That is an edge above the warm water that would develop in a bowl if left for a while.

Add this benefit to clean water, and you are ready to deal with urinary tract infections and other diseases caused by bad water. Automatic waterers keep the cat’s water fresh for your benefit.


This benefit works in two parts, for you and your cat. Of course, you must keep the water cooler, but you also need something else. That is the ease of jumping out every second for a refill.

The cat fountain works like automatic feeders by providing a constant water supply. You can always get one with a bigger capacity, but they’ll use the same basic principle. Your pet can stroll past and have a quick drink.


Pet fountain encourages more drinks

Animals instinctively prefer running water, and so will your cat. Hence, getting a cat fountain is essential for your pet to drink more often.

You’ll deal with a lot, from loose stools to feline acne. The last thing you need is to try to get your cat to drink more water. Drop a cat water fountain and watch the magic happen in an instant.


Things to Note When Getting a Cat Water Fountain

It’d be counterintuitive to get the next drinking water fountain you see off the shelf. Getting the best comes with a few considerations. Hence, we’ll share them with you as guidance when acquiring one for your cat.

Your pet’s health should be paramount in everything you do. Here are a few things to consider when getting a drinking water fountain for your cat:


Consider the size of your pet before bringing this device home. You don’t want your cat struggling to get a sip because the fountain is much bigger or taller than it. Instead, drinking should be as smooth and effortless as possible.

Easy operation

You don’t need a four-year course to operate a water fountain. Hence, get the one that has a simple mode of operation.



Your pet’s water fountain was not manufactured to last forever. However, you can increase the lifespan with regular maintenance.

Go for stainless steel or ceramic

Stainless steel or ceramic material is best for cat water fountains. If those are too expensive, go for those with BPA-free plastic. You don’t want foreign chemicals sipping into the cat water.

Low noise

Test the pet water fountains to find the one that makes less noise. The sound of the running water should be the loudest, or your pet will think of it as a toy. Cats are intrigued by electronic devices.


Final Thoughts

Animals prefer running water as part of their basic instincts. That is true for domestic cats and wild ones. Cat water fountains provide the feel of running water but with more benefits.

They keep the cat’s water fresh and also encourage hydration. A drink or two now and then will do the trick. Nevertheless, don’t forget to locate a store for quick nutritional supplies (supplements).