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Holiday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers: Best 17 Cat Gifts

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. And if you have a cat lover or cat parent in your life, then you know that they consider their feline friend to be a part of the family.

So why not treat your favorite cat lover and their furry companion to some fun and unique gifts this year? We've compiled a list of the top 17 gifts for cat lovers that any cat person would be thrilled to receive.

Gift 1: Pet Honesty Supplement Bundle

What better way to show your love for both the cat lover and their pet than by gifting them with a bundle of Pet Honesty supplements? These all-natural, veterinarian-formulated supplements are designed specifically for cats to support their overall health and well-being.

With options like joint support, skin and coat health, and calming supplements, there's something for every cat's specific needs. Plus, the sleek packaging makes for a beautiful and practical gift.

Gift 2: Custom Cat Portrait

For the pet owner who has everything, why not surprise them with a custom portrait of their beloved pet? There are many talented artists online who specialize in creating realistic and detailed portraits of cats. This personalized gift is sure to bring a smile to any pet parent.


Gift 3: Cat-Themed Blanket

What could be cozier than curling up on the couch with a soft, snuggly blanket and your favorite feline friend? A cat-themed blanket is a perfect gift for any cat dad or mom. There are many options available, from cute cartoon designs to realistic prints of different cat breeds. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for any cat lover's home.

Gift 4: Cat Grass Growing Kit

For the cat lover who enjoys gardening, a cat grass-growing kit is an ideal gift. Not only will it provide entertainment and enrichment for their furry friend, but it also makes for a unique and decorative addition to any home. Plus, watching their cat nibble on the fresh grass will bring a smile to any cat lover's face.

Gift 5: Catnip Toys

Every cat lover knows the power of catnip. And what better way to spoil their feline friend than with various catnip toys? From plush mice to refillable catnip pouches, there are endless options of cat toys available that are sure to entertain and satisfy any cat's instincts.

Gift 6: Cat-themed jewelry

Jewelry is always a thoughtful and personal gift, and for the cat lover in your life, there are endless options of cat-themed pieces to choose from. From delicate silver earrings to statement necklaces featuring cats of all shapes and sizes, there's something for every style and budget.

Not only will this gift make the cat lover feel special, but they can also proudly display their love for cats wherever they go.

Gift 7: Cat Wine Glass Set

For the wine-loving cat owner, a set of cat-themed wine glasses is the perfect gift. These glasses often feature cute and funny illustrations of cats enjoying wine, making them both practical and entertaining. And when not in use, they make for a fun and unique decoration in any kitchen.

Gift 8: Cat-Shaped Candles

Candles are always a popular gift, but for the cat lover, why not take it to the next level with cat-shaped candles? These adorable and fragrant candles will add a touch of whimsy to any room and are a great way to show off their love for cats in a subtle yet stylish way.


Gift 9: Cat Cafe Gift Card

For the ultimate cat lover, a gift card to a local cat cafe is sure to be appreciated. These cafes offer the unique experience of enjoying coffee and treats while surrounded by adorable, adoptable cats. It's the perfect gift for someone who loves cats but can't have one of their own.

Gift 10: Personalized Cat Lover Mug

Finally, for the cat lover who enjoys a warm cup of tea or coffee, a personalized mug featuring their favorite feline is a thoughtful and practical gift. Many online retailers offer customizable options with different cat breeds and names, making it a truly special gift for any cat parent.

Gift 11: Cat-shaped Cozy Socks

What could be better than keeping your feet warm and cozy while also showing off your love for cats? A pair of cat-shaped cozy socks is the perfect gift for any cat lover. These cute socks come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find the purr-fect pair for your loved one.

Gift 12: Cat Print Scarf

A cat print scarf is a stylish and practical gift for any cat lover. These scarves come in a variety of cat-themed patterns, from cute cartoon cats to elegant illustrations of cool cats. Not only will they keep the recipient warm, but they also add a touch of playfulness to any outfit.

Gift 13: Cat-themed Phone Case

For the tech-savvy cat lover, a cat-themed phone case is the perfect gift. There are many options available with different cat breeds and designs, allowing them to show off their love for cats every time they use their phone.

Gift 14: Cat-patterned Tote Bag

A tote bag is always a handy item to have, and for the cat lover, why not make it a bit more fun with a cat-patterned tote bag? These bags come in a variety of sizes and designs, perfect for carrying groceries, books, or anything else the recipient may need.


Gift 15: Cat-shaped Cookie Cutters

For the baking enthusiast who also loves cats, a set of cat-shaped cookie cutters is an ideal gift. Not only will they add some feline flair to their baking, but they can also be used for other crafts, such as making cat-shaped candles or ornaments.

Gift 16: Cat Subscription Box

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider giving the cat lover in your life a subscription box specifically curated for cat owners. These boxes often include treats, toys, and other goodies for both the owner and their feline companion to enjoy. It's a fun and unique way to surprise them with new items every month.

Gift 17: Donation to a Cat Rescue or Shelter

Last but certainly not least, consider donating in the name of the cat lover to a local cat rescue or shelter. Not only will this gift make their heart happy, but it also helps support organizations that work tirelessly to help cats in need.

It's a gift that truly gives back to the community and aligns with the values of Pet Honesty by promoting the health and well-being of all cats.


Q: What if the recipient is allergic to cats?

A: Although these gifts are geared toward cat lovers, there are still options for those who may not be able to have a cat themselves. For example, many of the items listed can also feature other animals instead of just cats.

Or, consider a gift that helps improve the health of all cats, such as a donation to a rescue or shelter. There are still plenty of options to choose from that will make any cat lover happy.

Q: Are these gifts only for the holiday season?

A: No, these gifts can be given at any time of year! Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, any cat lover would appreciate these thoughtful and unique gifts.

Plus, many of the items listed can be used year-round, making them practical and enjoyable for any occasion. So don't limit yourself to just the holiday season - spread some cat-loving joy all year long!

Q: Are there options for different price ranges?

A: Absolutely! There are gifts on this list to fit all budgets, from small and affordable items like cozy socks or a cat-shaped cookie cutter set to more extravagant gifts, such as personalized jewelry or a subscription box.

No matter your budget, you can find the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. Plus, many of these gifts are handmade or support small businesses, making them even more special and meaningful.


Q: How can I make these gifts even more personal?

A: Some of the items on this list, such as personalized mugs or jewelry, already offer options for customization. But if you're looking to add an extra touch, consider pairing the gift with something that represents a shared memory or an inside joke between you and the recipient.

Or, include a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation for their love and dedication to cats. Personal touches like these will make the gift even more special and memorable.

Q: Can I combine multiple gifts from this list?

A: Absolutely! Combining multiple items from this list can create a fantastic themed gift basket or care package for the cat lover in your life. Pair a cat-shaped cookie cutter set with some cat-themed tea towels, or combine a phone case and tote bag for a matching set.

The possibilities are endless, and combining gifts allows you to create an even more thoughtful and personalized present.

All in All . . .

Cat lovers are a unique and special group, and they deserve gifts that reflect their love for all things feline. These 17 gifts showcase different ways to celebrate and honor their passion for cats while supporting the health and well-being of these beloved animals.

So whether it's for a holiday or just to show your appreciation to the cat lover in your life, these gifts will illustrate your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and appreciation to your fellow cat lovers.