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Dog Toy Hacks To Make Playtime With Your Pet Even More Fun

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Does your dog get bored with his toys after a single play session? Is your pet constantly chewing through stuffed animals and shredding everything you bring home from the pet store? If you’re looking for some dog toy hacks and different ways to keep your pet entertained, this is the post for you! We’re sharing all kindle f dog toy ideas to help keep your pet engaged and excited about playtime.

Stuff It With Treats!

There are countless dog toys available to purchase that dispense treats and they are perfect for pets who are particularly food motivated. If your dog goes absolutely bonkers for any type of treat, pick up a Kong or other treat-dispensing toy and keep things interesting by surprising your dog with the treats inside. Instead of sticking with the same treats each time, get creative! You can use cereal, fruit, veggies, jerky, and anything else you dice into bite-sized pieces for your dog as long as the ingredients are pet-safe. You can even try freezing the treats, especially if you’re using a toy like a Kong, to make playtime even more interesting for your dog. 

DIY Your Own Dog Toy

Instead of heading to your local pet store, consider a DIY for your dog’s next toy. You can make pet-friendly play things with things around your home, which can be especially helpful if your dog tends to destroy toys quickly! There are countless tutorials on the internet, so take some time to scroll through Pinterest or do a Google search to come up with toy ideas you can make for your pet at home. Here are some of our favorite dog toy DIY’s:

  • Tug Toy DIY: Use an old t-shirt or clothing item that you aren’t too fond of anymore and were planning to donate. Cut it into strips and braid the fabric into a long rope. Tie some knots in your braid and you have a DIY tug toy your dog will love to play with.

  • Sock Toy DIY: If you have any mismatched socks lying around, this is the perfect DIY for you and your pet. Grab one of those socks that does not have a match and a tennis ball. Put the tennis ball into the sock and tie a knot in the sock to hold the ball in place. Use this toy to toss and play fetch or for tug of war.

  • Tennis Ball DIY: If you don’t have a Kong or treat dispenser toy, DIY one. All you need is a tennis ball and something sharp enough to cut into it. Add some slits in your tennis ball—large enough to fit a treat through and you have an interactive dispenser you can fill with your pet’s favorite treats. Your pet will have to figure out how to get the treats out from inside the tennis ball, so this DIY is a great way to keep your dog occupied for ages! 

Hack Your Pet’s Current Favorite To Keep Things Interesting

If your dog’s current favorite toy is on its last leg, hack it into a new toy instead! If he’s unstuffed his favorite plush toy, take all the stuffing out and add a plastic bottle to the inside. The noise and texture will be totally new and exciting for your dog—perfect to keep him entertained for hours on end. If your pet loves a particular tug toy, but it’s shredded and no longer good for tug-of-war, combine it with another rope toy and do some rebraiding, tying, and finagling until you’ve created a new tug your dog can enjoy. The options are endless when you think about how to hack your pet’s existing toys and give them a new life!

Head Outside

A change in scenery can make any toy even more exciting for your dog. Take his or her favorite toy outside or let them play with it in a totally new space. If you normally have your dog play with his toys inside on his bed or elsewhere in the house, mix it up! Put his dog bed in a new room or on the porch. Let him enjoy his toys in the bathroom or the backyard. Your pup will love the new and exciting experience of playing with his same toys in a different area.

Add Some Noise! 

There’s a reason so many dog toys contain a squeaker inside—pets love noise! If your dog’s current favorite stuffed toys don’t have a squeaker inside, consider adding one! You can pick them up in bulk on Amazon and all it requires is a little bit of hand sewing to add one to your dog’s stuffies. But, that’s not the only noisy material you can consider for your dog’s toys. All kinds of things make for interesting sounds like empty bottles, crinkle fabric, and more. Choose a noisy material, stuff it inside an old, unmatched sock, tie one end and you have a super interesting toy your dog can enjoy.

Play With Texture

Pets also love different textures! Keep this in mind when DIYing or hacking your dog’s toys. Choose all different types of materials to keep things interesting. Fleece can be seriously enjoyable to chew on, as can leather, faux fur, and any other fabric you can think of! Combine as many different textures and materials together as possible to keep your dog truly entertained with some new toys. 

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