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Office Dog: How To Take Your Dog To Work With You

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As more and more offices are opening back up, the transition from working at home to in-office 9-5 is likely going to be tough for many people…and pets. If you’re worried about your pup handling his days at home alone while you head into the office for work, consider bringing Fido along to work as an office dog. Bring Your Dog To Work Day happens every June, and it’s a great way for pet parents who wouldn’t otherwise get to spend time with Fido during the workday to bring their pets into the office. But, it’s also a good time to consider bringing your dog to work every day. These are some of the things you should keep in mind before you bring your dog to the office:

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Office Is Dog-Friendly

Not all offices are pet-friendly, even on Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Before you bring Fido into the office, check with your HR department or the managers in charge to confirm that it’s OK. If your office doesn’t currently have a dog policy, advocate for one! There are countless benefits that go along with having dogs in the office including: 

  • It provides serious stress relief! 
  • It’s been shown to improve efficiency
  • It boosts morale
  • It’s beneficial for YOUR health
  • Plus, it cuts down on pet care costs for you

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Office Dog Is On His Best Behavior

If you have always wanted to bring your pet to the office, but haven’t been able to because he’s not exactly the best-behaved pet on the planet, it’s probably best to let your dog enjoy his time at home. The office is not a place for a dog that doesn’t play well with others, doesn’t listen to basic commands, or who barks at the drop of the hat. And that’s ok! Not all pets are cut out for office life. There are plenty of other ways you can spend quality time with your dog, without bringing him into the office.

If your pet passed obedience class with flying colors, gets along with others, and loves meeting new people, then, by all means, bring him into the office! Just remember that pets can act out when they’re stressed or put in a new situation. Do what you can to help your dog keep his cool and ensure his safety and the safety of your officemates. 

Tip #3: Not All Dogs Want to Be Office Dogs

Similarly, it’s important to consider your pet’s feelings before you bring Fido into work. Not all dogs love the office! If you have a scaredy pup who’s prone to anxiety, hates meeting strangers, and would honestly rather stay at home where he feels safe, don’t force the issue. While you’d love to have Fido by your side at the office all day, it might not be what he wants. Take your pet and his personality into consideration before you bring your dog into the office! 

Tip #4: Pack All The Essentials

When you’re packing up your backpack or briefcase before work, take time to gather all the supplies your pet will need, as well. You want to make sure you’re prepared with all the essentials, comforts from home, and plenty of entertaining toys to help keep your dog distracted if you have any meetings planned. Here are some of the items you should add to your dog-day at the office packing list: 

A Cozy Bed

You want your pup to feel comfortable, and that’s not always easy when he’s in a new space for the first time. Bring along a dog bed you know your pet loves so he has a safe space to curl up and relax while you’re working. Other pet parents bring along a blanket or play mat, as well. Whatever works best for your pet is great, just make sure Fido has a cozy place he can call his own while he’s at the office.

Toys, Treats, And Chews

Your dog will most likely be a little anxious and a touch extra needy if he’s never been to work with you before. And while the extra attention is certainly welcome in most settings, getting pawed at, whined to, and jumped on by your dog when you’re trying to concentrate on an important task is less than ideal during the workday!

Keep your dog thoroughly entertained with all his favorite toys, treats, and chews. Or better yet, take this opportunity to make his office day truly special with a new toy or fresh bone. Puzzles, Kongs and other toys that keep your dog engaged for lengthy periods of time are perfect for your pup when you need him to keep quiet during a meeting or when you absolutely have to finish a spreadsheet before a deadline.

Bonus tip: Make sure you don’t bring toys that contain squeakers! If your pet’s going to town on a stuffed animal that’s crinkling, crackling, or squawking, your co-workers will notice. The office is not the place for noisy toys, so be mindful when choosing which items to bring for your dog!

A Water Dish

Make sure your pup has access to fresh water throughout the day! Plus, if you bring along a communal dog water bowl, it can be a great way to help all the office dogs socialize, get to know each other, and sniff out the other pets in the building! 

A Soothing Supplement

Help your pet deal with the new, slightly scary situation that is ‘the office’ by adding a supplement to his diet. Try one that includes ingredients like Valerian Root, Melatonin, and Hemp to help your pup stress less about office life and enjoy his day at work as an office dog! 

Tip #5: Have A Backup Plan

If you need to step away from your desk, make sure you have a plan for your pet! It’s your responsibility to keep tabs on your pup…and that includes when you need to sit in on a meeting, grab lunch, or hit the bathroom. Ask a coworker who is comfortable with your dog to keep tabs on him while you’re away. Or, bring him along for a walk to the coffee shop to pick up your afternoon fix. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should never leave your pet in the office unattended. Plan ahead so you don’t have to scramble to figure out a solution when you need to step away.

Tip #6: Head Outside

Take more potty breaks than normal when you bring your dog into the office. The last thing you want is for your nervous Nelly to have an accident on the office floor. Head outside for frequent potty breaks to help ensure that doesn’t happen! It’s also a good idea to get up and go for a quick walk a few times throughout the day to help keep your pup entertained and sufficiently exercised so that he can rest at your desk for the majority of the day.

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