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Winter Gear Checklist: Everything You Need To Keep Your Dog Or Cat Cozy This Winter

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The temperatures are dropping and winter is approaching which means it is time to gear up to help keep your pet safe—no matter how frigid the temperatures get! Here’s a guide to help you stock up on all the essentials your dog or cat will need to keep warm and safe this winter

How To Know If Your Pet Is Cold

It’s important to know what to watch out for and to be able to recognize the signs that your pet is cold and needs you to help them warm up some. Whether you’re outside on an adventure or curling up for bed, keep a close eye on your pet in the winter because they can get cold indoors, too! 

Here are some things your pet will likely do if he or she is feelings chilly: 

  • Visible shivering
  • Lifting or shifting of paws (not wanting to have all four paws on the ground at once)
  • Ears, paws, or nose are cold to the touch
  • Your dog or cat is seeking out shelter


Of course, these are not the only signs that might suggest your pet is cold, but they are certainly good indicators to watch out for. It’s also a good idea to talk to your Vet before you spend a significant amount of time outside in the winter. Your Vet can help make recommendations about winter safety and advise you on what is appropriate for your individual dog or cat. Every pet is unique and what works for one dog or cat might not work for another! 

Outdoor Essentials For Your Dog

Ready to head outdoors? If you’re chomping at the bit to walk through the fresh powdery snow or you cannot wait to take your pet along for a cool wintery hike, you’ll want to stock up on some cold-weather pet essentials first! Here’s a list of outdoor goods to consider for your dog this winter! 

Invest In A Dog Winter Coat

Your pup will thank you when you help him stay warm outdoors in a cozy dog coat. Look for one that’s totally washable, since dogs tend to get fur on everything and you’ll probably want to be able to launder your pet’s coat. 

Also, keep your lifestyle in mind! If you live somewhere with a wet climate—full of rainy and snowy days, you may want to invest in a water-proof, highly insulated coat to help your dog stay warm this winter. If you live in a milder climate and just need to help your pet block the wind on your walks, then a lightweight wool or fleece jacket might suffice! The options are endless and depend on what you need to best support your pet this winter! 

Try Out Some Dog Winter Boots

Help your pup keep his paws frost-free this winter with some dog booties designed to handle colder conditions! Dog boots can be found in a variety of styles and range from extremely rugged (think sled-dog approved) to fashion-forward (think Uggs for your pet). Depending on what you do in the winter with your dog, choose a style of bootie that will work best for your pet.

And keep in mind that your dog will likely take a little bit of time to acclimate to having a paw covering on! It can be comical watching dogs try out booties for the first time because they often completely freeze or act like they’ve completely forgotten how to walk. If this is the case for your pet when you give dog boots a try, be patient and use lots of [positive affirmation to help your pet get comfortable walking in shoes! 

Pick Up Something Bright!

The days are shorter in the winter, so if you are spending time outdoors with your pet, chances are it will be in lower light than your outdoor adventure during summer. Pick up something bright for you and your dog to wear to help you stand out and stay visible even before the sun has come up or after it has gone down for the day. 

Choose some reflective gear to help your visibility if you walk your dog in high-traffic areas. Or, look for lighted accessories you can carry or clip onto your dog. You can even choose a completely lighted collar or leash if you want to be quite bright! There are tons of LED options designed to keep you and your pet safe while on a winter walk

Indoor Creature Comforts

Your pet might still get cold indoors, especially if you live somewhere with a particularly frigid winter! As the temperatures fall, consider picking up some indoor gear to help your pet adjust to the changing of the season and to help them stay cozy all winter long. Here are some ideas: 

Warm Bedding

Get your pet a cozy, warm bed to weather the winter in. Choose one made with a cozy fabric like fleece or faux fur so your pup or kitty can cuddle up. Or, pick up on that has a sleeping bag shape and space for your pet to curl up inside. Or, if your pup is on the larger side, consider adding a blanket to your pet’s bed so they can keep warm on extra cold nights. Choosing warm bedding for your pet can make them so much more comfortable in the winter months, especially if you don’t want to share your bed with your pet! 

A Sweater! 

If you haven’t tried clothing for pets, winter is the perfect season to pick up some things for your pet. Having your dog or cat get used to wearing a sweater indoors can go a long way to help your furry friend keep warm. Choose one that is washable and is a size that is appropriate pet. Also, keep in mind, that it’s a good idea to always keep a close eye on your dog or cat when they are wearing any clothing. Sweaters and lightweight jackets are a good idea if you live in a cold climate and can really help keep your dog or cat cozy all through winter.

Pantry Staples

During the winter, you probably crave comfort foods, right? And chances are, the same is true for your pet. Sock up on your dog or cat’s favorite treats this winter and include some ingredients that are winter staples, as well. Think sweet potatoes, cranberries, carrots, turkey, and other holiday and cold-weather foods that are so tasty and comforting to eat. They’re safe for your dog, nutritious to eat and so tasty during the winter. 

Pet Honesty Products To Consider For Your Dog This Winter

To support your dog this winter, you can also add some supplements to his or her diet. Pick up a bottle of Pet Honesty's Omega 3 Fish Oil or a jar of Hip + Joint Health chewsThey are both formulated with joint health in mind, because the colder weather can cause even more discomfort for your dog if they have joint issues. They both contain ingredients designed to help promote strong bones and mobile joints—including collagen, turmeric, and more.