Healthy Bladder + Urinary Tract

Healthy Bladder + Urinary Tract

Healthy Bladder + Urinary Tract Products


Nobody likes an uncontrollable bladder. If you notice your dog suddenly urinating in the house or going potty far more than usual, there might be something wrong with their urinary or digestive system. Fortunately, all natural bladder supplements for dogs have been shown to make a big difference in their urinary tract health. You can help your dog control their bladder with a safe, delicious treat.

For some dogs, a urinary tract infection can be the cause of incontinence (loss of bladder control). Dogs can get UTIs just like humans. And at PetHonesty, we put our brains and hearts together to create the Cranberry UTI Strength Snacks, powered by marshmallow root, echinacea, d-mannose, and, of course, cranberry. These all natural ingredients minimize the effects of UTIs and other bladder infections, and provide consistent treatment and relief through natural ingredients.

If you notice your dog is regularly constipated or suffering from diarrhea, these could be symptoms of a problem with their microbiome. Many pet owners have noticed an improvement in stool quality and bladder strength by adding probiotics to their dog’s diet. Probiotics nourish your dog’s GI tract and improve their digestion and elimination. Though it’s usually a good idea to stick with probiotic supplements specifically designed for a dog’s diet and health.

When searching for a bladder supplement for your dog, keep in mind that whole food ingredients are going to be more easily digested and more readily used by your dog’s health and body. Look for dog bladder control supplements made in a GMP and Safe Quality Food Level 3 certified facility. This kind of certification requires the cleanest and safest production process, guaranteeing you get the exact bladder supplements you ordered—nothing added, and nothing left out.

Just like any other canine supplement, it’s important to choose vitamins and treats made mostly in the United States, and never from China. Many supplements sourced from China have led to severe illness in dogs because of the lack of regulation. Your pup is depending on you to look out for their health and well-being. Choosing canine bladder support supplements made in America—with real food ingredients—is the best choice  to treat their urinary and digestive health.