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Answering The Question: Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons & Other Odd Dog Q&A’s

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If you’ve been wondering, ‘do dogs have belly buttons,’ and any number of odd questions about dogs, keep reading because this is the post for you. We’re sharing some strange facts about dogs to help you get to know your four-legged friend a bit better! 

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

Have you ever wondered where, oh where your dog’s belly button is? Or whether or not your pup even has a belly button? Dog’s do in fact have a belly button, but it’s not exactly the same as one you’d see on a human! A belly button is simply a scar that’s left behind from an umbilical cord. In us humans, it’s pretty pronounced.

But, for Fido, it’s much less noticeable. The ‘scar’ is typically a whole lot smaller on dogs and it's obscured by a fur coat! Your dog has a belly full of fur that’s covering his belly button, so it’s no surprise that you didn’t see it if you ever took the time to look! 

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

If you’ve ever taken your dog outside for a potty break and marveled at the fact that Fido enjoys chomping on grass, you’re not alone. It’s a question we’ve heard asked a lot, but do you know the answer? 

To put it simply, there’s no definitive answer about why dogs eat grass. Instead, each pet probably has his own reasoning! For some, eating the green stuff helps relieve an upset stomach. For others, it’s a sign of anxiety and something your doggo does to calm himself down. For other pups still, it might just be a weird habit. 

In general, it’s no big deal for your dog to chomp on grass. But, take note if it causes him to vomit or if you’re worried about him eating some foliage that contains chemicals or other yard treatments that could be harmful to your dog. 

Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts?

What’s the first thing your dog does when he meets a new four-legged-friend? Sniffs his butt, right?! It’s something pretty much all dogs do, so us pet parents don’t think twice about this unique greeting. 

That said, if you have ever wondered why dogs sniff butts, we’re about to give you the answer! It’s your dog’s natural way of greeting! Every pup has a unique odor ‘back there,’ so your dog sniffs to let him know whether or not he’s ever met this dog before. It helps him identify his friends from a stranger dog and can help dictate how he responds to the dog — as an old pal or a new acquaintance. 

Why Do Dogs Spin & Take Forever To Find The Perfect Place To Poo?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated that your dog is taking seemingly forever to find the perfect place to do his business? Well, there’s a reason dogs tend to spin and spin before going ‘number 2.’ 

Your dog’s spinning and spinning actually help him in a number of ways. First, it can be a way to help Fido check his surroundings and make him feel secure enough to squat and do his business. Second, many dogs like a clean location to leave their poo. Your pup could be spinning around to clear off the area before he uses the bathroom. And third, your dog might be trying to align himself with the Earth’s magnetic poles. While it sounds a little far fetched, it’s actually true! Dogs do, sometimes, poop so that it’s lined up with the proper magnetic field.

Why Do Dogs Dig?

Not all dogs dig, but some cannot be stopped when they get the urge to dig a hole under a fence or in the garden. Just why do dogs seem to enjoy digging so much? Like spinning before pooing and eating grass, the reason your dog is digging is unique to your dog. 

That said, these are the most common reasons a dog might dig: 

1: He’s hot: Dogs dog into the grass to get to the cool dirt below so they can lay it and cool off. 

2: He wants OUT: Some dogs dig as a means to an end...escape. If your dog seems to be digging under a fence or at the front gate, it’s likely because he knows he can break free if he digs a hole underneath!

3: For fun: Some dogs just generally enjoy digging and will spend their free time getting dirty digging into the dirt.

4: You were recently digging: Many dogs mimic the behavior they see us doing. If your pup recently watched you going to town in the garden, tilling, turning, and planting away, he might think it’s time for him to get in on the action, too! 

Do Dogs Have A Dominant Paw?

There are very few people who are ambidextrous and can get by using both hands with the same dexterity. For most of us, we’re right-handed or left-handed. But, do dogs favor one paw over the other like us humans do? 

Research suggests...maybe. There have been several studies to determine whether or not dogs prefer a certain paw and how that might affect their personalities. The findings haven’t suggested there’s a clear-cut answer, but it is likely that your doggo does have a paw preference!