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How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

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Halloween is almost here and if you’re anything like most pet parents, you’re getting excited to dress your pet up in a Halloween costume for dogs! And while it’s exciting to dress our pets up and celebrate this spooky holiday with all our family members, four-legged friends included, there are some things to keep in mind to make this holiday safe and enjoyable for Fido. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Be Careful About Candy! 

Halloween treats are certainly the sweetest part of the Halloween holiday. And while they’re something most kids (ok...and adults…) look forward to, make sure you keep your candy secure and away from your dog. Chocolate is toxic to pets as are many of the other ingredients often added to Halloween candies. And with all the excitement, costumes, and chaos that can occur on Halloween, your dog will likely have plenty of opportunities to stick his snout in your candy bag and sneak a candy bar--or twelve--if you’re not paying close attention!

Don’t keep a bowl of candy sitting out at the door and store your candy in a secured cabinet up high at all times. You don’t want your dog to be able to access any of the treats, especially if your pup is prone to sneaking human food! 

Watch The Door

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween staple that’s fun for little ones and the entire neighborhood. But, if you have a pet at home, don’t leave your dog out to participate in the fun tradition. It’s a time that can be chaotic and stressful for your pet, and dogs notoriously run off on Halloween evening. Keep your pet safe by crating him or setting him up with his favorite toys, a comfy bed, and a chew to keep him occupied secured in another room while trick-or-treating is going on.

Dressing Up With Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a costume? While there’s no one stopping you from dressing up your pet year-round Halloween is the perfect time to have an excuse to choose a costume for your dog. But, before you dress up your dog, consider these things:

  • Choose a costume that fits! No dog wants to get squeezed into something that is too small. It can be downright uncomfortable to wear clothing that doesn’t fit, and the same goes for your furry family member. Keep your dog’s size in mind when sleecting a dog costume and make sure you choose one that actually fits!

  • Not all dogs like wearing clothing. It can be a little disappointing if you’re excited to celebrate Halloween with your dog but Fido isn’t thrilled about donning a costume. That said, it’s important to keep your pet’s personality in mind and to respect your pet and his preferences. If your dog is obviously bother by wearing clothing, don’t push the issue and let your pet spend his Halloween without a costume. 

  • Supervise your dog in costume. If you’re dressing up your pet for Halloween, never leave your dog unsupervised. Costumes often have sequins, ey balls, tentacles and all kinds of other things that can be chewed off and swallowed in an instant if you are not supervising your dog. Make sureyou keep a close eye on Fido anytime he is wearing clothing!

Keep Your Dog Calm

One thing you can do to make Halloween even more enjoyable for your dog, is to feed him some calming treats. Look for ingredients like chamomile and hep to help your dog chill out and enjoy his Haloween at home. Having so many strage visitors, constant door bell ringing, costumes, and chaos can be seriously stressful for your pet! Try feeding him a claming supplement 30 minutes before trick-or-treating starts to help your pet keep his cool even if he gets spooked. 

Pet Honesty Products To Help With Halloween

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